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Q: How do you determine where and if a quadratic function and and linear function intercept?
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A linear function does not have a y-intercept?

it is impossible for a linear function to not have a y-intercept

What is the difference between a linear and quadratic function?

A linear function is a line where a quadratic function is a curve. In general, y=mx+b is linear and y=ax^2+bx+c is quadratic.

What are the 3 cases that might arise when graphing a linear and quadratic function on same grid?

They intercept at:no pointsone point onlytwo points.

When can you use linear quadratic functions?

There are linear functions and there are quadratic functions but I am not aware of a linear quadratic function. It probably comes from the people who worked on the circular square.

What is quadratic linear function?

It is a quadratic equation that normally has two solutions

What is the relation quadratic equation to linear equation?

The derivative of a quadratic function is always linear (e.g. the rate of change of a quadratic increases or decreases linearly).

Is throwing a ball a linear function?

No. Throwing a ball is a quadratic function.

IS it possible for a graph of a linear function to have no intercept?


Is 3x plus 27 equals 8 a quadratic function?

No it is a linear one. X^2 = quadratic, x = linear. So if the equation doesn't have an x squared, then it is not quadratic.

Can a linear function does not have a y-intercept?

X = 3 A vertical line not having a Y intercept.

What are the similarities between quadratic function and linear function?

Both are polynomials. They are continuous and are differentiable.

When is it not a function?

A function is not a function if it passes through the vertical line test more than once, and it is not linear or a quadratic.