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Q: How do you different place value to value?
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What is the place value of 10000000000?

A whole number does not have a place value: only a single digit in a number has a place value - a different place value for each digit.

What is the place value of 80.13?

Each digit in it has a different place value, so there are four of them in the number.

What is the place value of 325.296?

Each digit has its own unique place value, so your number has six different ones in it.

How are the labels in each period different in place value?


How are labels in a period alike how are they different?

they both got place-value what's different is the numbers are different.

What is the place value and value?

place value is thousand place or like it

Why do each 4 have a different value in 4.124?

because the 4's are in different sections. like the first 4 is in the ones place and the second 4 is in the thousandths place

How is the value of the hundred-thousands place different in 213854 and 411000?

200,000 in the first, 400,000 in the second.

How do you write the greatest place value position in which the digits are different for 45 48?

48, 45

Describe how place value is used to compare decimals?

Align the numbers according their place values. Go from left to right (decreasing place values) until the face values of the numbers are different. Then the number with the larger face value in that place is the larger number.

How the decimal place value related?

The place value is ten times that of the place value to its right.

What is the value of the 6 in 3.6930?

tenths place * * * * * That is the correct place value of the 6, but the question asked about the value, not the place value. The value of 6, which is in the tenth's place is 0.6