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Q: How do you discipline a child for the first twelve months?
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What is an unborn child in the first two months of pregnancy called?

During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as an embryo.

When is a cockapoo first period?

Most female does have their first estrus cycle between six and twelve months.

How can you pay six months and for the mother to pay six months of child support?

The child support order have to be modified in the court where it was first issued.

When is the first polio drop given to child?

3 months

How long do you have to wear your retainer?

24/7 except for eating and brushing for the first 12 months after braces and then every night for the next twelve months

What are the five months 2013?

There are twelve months in the each year, like in 2013. The first five months are January, February, March, April, and May. There are usually 365 days a year.

Why is the first and the most important ethics a child should learn his obedience?

The first and most important ethics a child can learn in regards to obedience is kindness. A child will react better to discipline when kindness is shown and will learn to respect those who are kind.

Which period in child's life is weight the fastest in proportion to the child's total weight?

first 6 months

How long was Sacajawea pregnant?

She was 6 months pregnat with her first child

How many months after William Shakespeare's wedding was his first child born?

Susanna was born six months after the wedding.

Who was anne hathaways first child?

Susanna their first child was born six months after their wedding.

What is a female ferrets age at puberty?

Ferrets reach adult size and weight at about 4 to 6 months, Sexual maturity age is at eight to twelve months. First possible mating is at six months or the first spring following birth. The female ferret first breeding season after her birth will be between five to nine months