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Six divided by five is 1 remainder 1. 1 divided by five is 0.2 so 6 divided by five is 1.2.

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Q: How do you divide 6 mm into 5 equal pieces?
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Can you divide a star into 5 equal pieces?


How many cuts does it take to divide a log into 6 equal sized pieces?

5 (unless you cut lengthwise).

How do you divide a square into 10 equal pieces with 6 lines?

by drawing 5 horizontal line interval between = 1/5 L and one vertical line in mid we get 10 equal pieces

What does 5 inches equal in mm?

The answer is 127 mm.

What is 5 inches equal in mm?

5 inches is approximately 128 mm

What is the measure of the central angle of each sector if you divide a circle into five equal sectors?

360 degrees / 5 pieces = 72 degrees

Divide 3 into 5 equal parts?

Divide 3 inches in 5 equal parts

Is 5 km equal to 5000 mm?

1 km = 1000000 mm So, 5 km = 5,000,000 mm . Hence 5 km is not equal to 5000mm.

Does 0.5 mm equal 5 mm?

No. 0.5 mm = one-half of one mm.

What is 5 mm equal to?

It is equal to 0.005 m.

How many mm equal to 1 half of a cm?

5 mm

What is the ratio of 64 into 3 to 5?

If the question is to divide 64 into two pieces in the ratio 3 to 5, then divide it into 8 pieces and take three for one collection and five pieces for the other. The pieces when you divide 64 by 8 are 8 so you want 3 eights and 5 eights. Answer is 24 and 40.

Why can you divide 0 by 5 but not 5 by 0?

Lets say you have 0 pieces of pie and you divide it among you and four of your friends. How much would each person get? This would be 0 pieces since there isn't any pie. If you have 5 pieces of pie but no one to divide it to, you cant divide it.

How do you divide a rectangle by 5 equal parts?

Select any one side and divide its length into 5 equal parts. Draw lines that are parallel to the adjacent side to the opposite side. This will divide the rectangle into 5 equal strips.

What is 50 mm equal to in cm?

50 mm equals 5 cm.

1533 mm is equal to how much feet?

1533 mm = 5 feet

How many dm equal 500 mm?

500 mm = 5 dm

What does 5 centimeters equal?

50 mm. every centimetre is 10 mm.

What does 5 cm equal in mm?


How do you divide a square into 5 equal squares?


How many centimeters go into 5 millimeters?

divide by 10 as 1 cm = 10 mm 5 mm = 0.5 cm

What does an half centimeters equal to?

5 mm (millimeters)

Which one is smaller 1 out of 5 or 1 out of 10?

1/10 which is 1 out of ten, Think of breaking ten into 10 small equal size pieces and 5 into 5 equal size pieces. The pieces of 10 are smaller

What does 33 mm socket transfer to in inches?

Divide MM by 25.4 MM per inch. The closest socket size is 1-5/16"

How do you divide a 6by4 rectangle in to 5 equal parts?

You divide it into parts of 1.2by4

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