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Q: How do you divide electrocardiography into a term component?
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How do you divide the word electrocardiography into word parts?

electro- cardio -graphy

How do you divide the word electrocardiography into its word parts?

electro- cardio -graphy

How do you divide the term antineoplastic into its component word parts?

Anti and neoplastic Anti referring to the negative, neoplastic referring to cancer

What has the author Henry J L Marriott written?

Henry J. L. Marriott has written: 'Advanced ECG Review Booklet' 'Marriott's manual of electrocardiography' -- subject(s): Electrocardiography, Handbooks, manuals 'ECG/PDQ' -- subject(s): Electrocardiography 'Practical electrocardiography' -- subject(s): Electrocardiography 'Rhythm quizlets' -- subject(s): Electrocardiography, Problems, exercises, Arrhythmia, Case studies, Diagnosis, Problems 'Electrocardiography' 'Prac Electrocardiography' 'Emergency electrocardiography' -- subject(s): Electrocardiography, Heart, Diseases, Diagnosis, Examination questions 'ECG Ready Reference'

What is an AVL?

it is the short form of augmented voltage unipolar left arm lead. It is a technical term used in electrocardiography.

How do you divide electrocardiography in word part?

Electr/o means electric, cardi/o means heart, graphy means the process of recording a picture or record.

Is Electrocardiography invasive?


What is the term for pregnancy and what are the component word parts?

what is the term for pregnancy, and what are its component word parts.

What has the author Manuel Gardberg written?

Manuel Gardberg has written: 'Clinical electrocardiography' -- subject(s): Electrocardiography

What does EKG stands for?

Electrocardiography (EKG or ECG) is a test that detects electrical activity in a person's heart.

Is Electrocardiography noninvasive?


What does Electrocardiography produce?

An electrocardiogram