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you divide by the denominator and times by the numerator

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Q: How do you divide fractions when there is a whole number?
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Related questions

Where are the fractions?

The fractions are when you divide a whole number into equal parts

Why do you not divide fractions?

you don't divide fractions because you can't put a whole number into only part of a number!

How do you divide whole numbers by fractions?

Mutiply the whole number by the reciprocal of the fraction.

How do you do quotient with fractions?

if you can divide whole numbers, turn the fraction into a whole number by finding its equivalent and replacing the fraction with that equivalent. Then divide the new number which should be whole and you have your answer.

Whole number divided by fraction?

no no no that is not what they were asking you would divide a whole number by a fraction by putting the whole number over one making it an improper fraction then divide those as you would regular fractions ........ hope it helped :)

How do you reduce fractions with whole numbers?

first you divide the numerator by whatever number and the denominator by the same number and that is your answer.

How do you divide whole fractions with simple fractions?

It is simple all u really do is divide reguarlly.......

How do you calculate an average with fractions?

The same way you calculate averages with whole numbers: Add up all the fractions and divide by the number of fractions there are.

How do you convert a whole number into fractions?

"Divide" it by 1. 35 = 35/1

How can fractions be used to divide whole numbers?


What is simple fraction?

A simple fraction is a fraction that is a whole number divided by a whole number. Complex fractions can have fractions inside of fractions.

Where are fractions from?

fractions are parts of a whole number

How do you divide fractions with whole numbers?

I honestly do not know.

How can you change a fraction into a whole number?

Proper fractions can't become whole numbers. Improper fractions can only become whole numbers if the numerator is a multiple of the denominator. To find out, divide the denominator into the numerator. If there is no remainder, it's a whole number.

How do you get the mean ofa improper fractions?

Same as for other numbers. You sum them together and divide the result by the number of fractions.Same as for other numbers. You sum them together and divide the result by the number of fractions.Same as for other numbers. You sum them together and divide the result by the number of fractions.Same as for other numbers. You sum them together and divide the result by the number of fractions.

How do you multiply hole numbers and fractions?

You simply put the whole number over one making it a fraction then you flip the reciprocal and divide the two fractions insted of multiplying.

What you divide in fractions?

The top number by the bottom number.

What is a nonzero whole number?

A nonzero whole number is a quantity which does not equal zero and number without fractions.

How do you divide a mixed fraction by a whole number?

Multiply the denominator by the whole number, or divide the numerator by the whole number

How do you rename fractionsas whole number?

Fractions are not whole numbers. They are fractions. You can call a fraction a whole number, but that doesn't make it one.

What whole number will an even number always divide by?

what whole number will 8 always divide by?

Are fractions whole number?

no because fractions have 2 nubers in it

Are there more fractions than there are whole numbers?

There are an infinite number of both fractions and whole numbers.

What is the difference between integers and fractions?

Integers are whole numbers, fractions are part of a whole number.

Are fractions and decimals numbers that represent parts of a whole?

yes they do and fractions also represent divide like if you had 1/2 you would have half of a whole!