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4y -5

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Q: How do you do -9 plus 7y plus 4-3y equals Simplify Algebraic Expressions?
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X plus 6and y plus 4 are called?

They are algebraic expressions.

What does simplify 2 to the third power plus 3 to the second power mean?

It means find the value of the expression. It cannot be simplified in the way that algebraic expressions usually are.

Simplify the algebraic expression 7x squared minus 4y plus 3x squared plus 5y plus 2 and evaluate it for x equals 3 and y equals 9?


How do you simplify expressions?

you simpliyfiy by adding the plus sign to the place where product is the television.

Simplify 7x plus 5x equals?

It is: 12x

What are parts of algebraic expressions that are separated by plus or minus signs?

If I remember correctly, they are called terms.

What is y plus 1 or equals 4 y plus 4?

They are expressions.

How do you simplify the expression 6k plus 7k?

That equals 13k

Sin A cos A plus 1 3sqrt3 4 How do you find the angle A?

The interface does not handle symbols. Generally, algebraic expressions need to be written out with words like equals, plus, minus, multiplied by, divided by, etc.

Simplify 4x plus 7y plus 2x-3y equals?

6x plus 4y

How do you simplify 4c-b plus b plus 5c?


Simplify this expression 4p plus 9 plus 7p plus 2 equals?


Simplify the algebraic expression 4x plus 3y - 2x - 7y?

4x + 3y - 2x - 7y2x - 4y

What is the algebraic formula for a2 plus b2 equals c2?

You just typed it.

What is 3 plus y equals 12?

An algebraic equation; Y=9

What is (a plus 5 ) plus 23 what does it equal?

It is an algebraic expression which equals a + 28.

How do you write numerical expressions in words?

five plus five equals ten...

What is X plus 6 14 x 8?

It is an algebraic expressions followed by an arithmetic expression; the two separated by a space.

Simplify this expression 13 plus - 12 minus -5 equals?


How do you simplify -4x plus 9x equals?

minus 4 plus 9 = 5, so 5x

Simplify 2a plus 3a plus 4 equals?

2a + 3a + 4 = 5a + 4

Can you simplify e plus e plus e plus e plus e equals?

e times 5 = X

What does 3k plus 16 equals 5k?

It represents an algebraic equation in the variable, k.

What is the algebraic sentence for 8n plus 11 equals 41?

8n + 11 = 41

How do you solve 1.50p plus 2.50p plus 3p This is a simplifying algebraic expressions and add subtract integer problem?

It is: 1.50p+2.50p+3p = 7p when simplified