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8 divided into806

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Q: How do you do long division bus stop method?
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What is the proper name for the 'bus stop' method?

Long division.

How do you convert fraction to decimal with solution?

You divide the numerator of the fraction by its denominator - using long division (aka the bus-stop method) if required.

How do you divide with decimal and the bus stop method?

you times 1 and 2 and then you times and divide the two numbers from the bus stop method and then you round it too the nearest hundred and divide by 10 and you have your awnser:)

How can you divide decimals by whole numbers?

If you had 1/2 (0.5) of a pizza left and wanted to share it equally with your friend you would share it so that each of you got 0.5 ÷ 2 of the whole pizza each. To actually do this, using the "bus stop" [shelter] method of long/short division is the easiest: Write the whole number divisor outside the bus stop and put the decimal dividend under the bus stop [shelter]. Place a decimal point in the quotient answer above the bus stop [shelter] ABOVE the decimal point in the dividend. Now do the long/short division as normal, ignoring the decimal points (except if there is a remainder extra zeros can be added onto the end of the dividend and the division continued until there is no remainder or the required degree of accuracy has been reached to allow an approximate, rounded, answer) . Finally read the quotient answer including the decimal point.

How do you divide 7 into 14 in bus stop method?

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How do you work out the answer to 588 divided by 6 using bus stop mthod?


How do you work out 420 divide 10 using bus stop method?


How do you divide 26 divided by .8?


Diving in maths using the bus stop method?

777 divided 7 Easy! 1st. Draw a bus stop Then on one side of the bus stop write 7 The other side write 777 After that how many times can 7 go into 7 that's 1 then how many times dose 7 go into 7 once then how many times dose 7 go into 7 once so the answer is 111!

How do you do 340 divided by 20 as a bus stop method?


How many times does 5 go into 70 using the bus stop method?

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How do you do the bus shelter method in maths?

Bus Shelter Method in math is a method where all operations bring into easiest way where the students can understand it in single sitting and it is the most reliable one. For example in division, divisor will divide the dividend through one by one digit until it gets the correct quotient.

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What is 14 divided by 985 in bus stop method?


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