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Unfortunately, illustrating math on a computer is difficult. 3 is the base, and 4 is the exponent.

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Q: How do you draw a 3 to the four power?
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What is three to the power of four?

Three raised to the fourth power is 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 = 81

The 3 in 4 power of 3?

In the expression: 4³ = 64, the 3 is called the exponentor the power. You would read this as "four to the power of three" or "four cubed".But if it meant 34 = 81, which is read '3 to the 4th power' or '4th power of 3', then the 3 is called the base.

What is four to the second power subtract 3?

16 - 3 = 13

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What is four to the third power?

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What does four to the power of three look like?

4^3 = 64

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