How do you draw a basketball?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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draw a circle then a half circle on the side and another one on the other side. then make an "x" in the middle but going straight up and down. like a cross

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Q: How do you draw a basketball?
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I draw and play basketball for the girl's varsity team.

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I draw and play Basketball for the girl's varsity team.

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Click the link to see it.

How do you draw basketball players faces?

take a pencil and start drawing a cirlce ..

How did David Hammons draw his piece Out of Bounds?

By literally bouncing a dirty basketball on the paper

How does the Basketball Play Software work?

Basketball Play software allows coaches and players to draw up plays and use them in games and practices. This software is common in pro and college basketball, but is not necessary for casual teams.

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Steps: 1. Draw a Box. 2. Draw a straight line at the middle. 3. Draw a small box at one side. 4. Draw a line 1 inch farther than the line at the middle. 5. Do the same to the other side. Parts: 1. Center line 2. Side line 3. Service Area 4. Attack line

Are back aches common for basketball players?

They are not that common at all. Most players would receive backaches only from hitting the ground (i.e. after attempting to draw a charge). Bending down constantly could also result in a backache, but during basketball, it is rare. The problem is most likely from another source, but it could be from basketball.

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