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Move to another universe. In this one if it has 3 sides it's a triangle.

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Q: How do you draw a rectangle with 3 sides?
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Can you draw A rectangle that is not a square?

draw a quadrilateral that has no parallel sides no congruent sides and no right angle

What quadrilaterals can you draw with 2 sides with 5 cm and 2 sides with 9cm?

How about a rectangle, parallelogram or a kite

How do you draw a quadrilateral rectangle?

That's just a regular rectangle. A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides and a rectangle is a polygon with four sides.

Draw a quadrangle that has 2 pairs of equal sides?

Draw a rectangle. And you probably mean "congruent sides," or "sides of equal length."

How do you make a rectangle with 3 lines?

Draw a rectangle and draw three lines in it.... Firstly, draw 3 lines and divide one line into two...then it will easy to draw a rectangle...

How is a triangle and a rectangle different?

a triangle has 3 sides. a rectangle has 4 sides.

Can you draw a rectangle that has an area of 6 square unit and a perimeter of 12 units?

Yes it measures 3 on all sides sides across from each other but it would have to be a square. Having a rectangle is impossible. Then again a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn't a square.

How do you draw a shape with a perimeter of 14 and an area of 12?

A rectangle with sides of 3 and 4 units will meet the requirements.

How do you draw a quadrilateral that the sides that intersect are perpendicular?

A square or a rectangle

Is it possible to draw a rectangle with three lines?

Yes,it is given that draw a rectangle with 3 lines so..1st draw a rectangle then put 3 lines inside in it....!!

Can a circle be inscribed in a rectangle?

Yes! It can(: you draw the circle in the rectangle with its top and bottom touching the top and bottom sides of the rectangle

How is a rectangle and a rectangle different?

A rectangle has 4 sides whereas a triangle hs 3 sides