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Q: How do you draw a semi cardinal point?
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What are the semi-cardinal points?

show an image of the semi cardinal and intermediate points

The directions between the four main directions?


How do you draw Luigi?

First you draw a semi-circle, then draw a mouth, then a fat tummy etc.

Is there a draw for the champions league semi-finals?

Yes there is a draw for UEFA champions league semi-finals ,quarter finals as well as the group stages .The Semi finals are played in April-May .

Which cardinal point begins with E?


How do you draw a adjacent angle?

To draw an adjacent angle you should draw an angle and inside that angle draw a semi-line. Make sure that both angles are not equal.

What does place the four major or cradinal on a compass mean?

The "cardinal points" of a compass are north, south, east and west. In between these are the "semi-cardinal" points,, NE, NW, SE, and SW.

What is cardinal compass point?

North,South, East and West

How many degrees are there between the sub cardinal points of an 8 point compass?

The first sub-cardinal points are; North East South East South West North west Each has a 45 degree separation from the two adjacent cardinal points and a 90 degree separation from each adjacent sub-cardinal point

What is a fixed point that you use to draw a circle is called as?

The fixed point that is located in the center of a circle and is used as the guiding point to draw it is called the "point of origin".

How do you get a perpendicular line?

To make perpendicular lines, draw a horizontal line. Then using a compass or tracing around the edge of a curved object, draw one circle ( or just a semi-circle) so that it crosses the horizontal straight line in at least one point. Now rotate the compass or move the curved object to draw another circle (or semi-circle). This second circle (or semi-circle) must cross through the horizontal straight line as the first one did. It also must cross through the first circle (or semi-circle) at two points- above the horizontal straight line and below the horizontal straight line. Next, draw a straight line from where the two circles (or semi-circles) meet above the horizontal straight line through to where they meet below the horizontal straight line. You now have a line perpendicular to the first line.

How do you draw a crystal?

just draw a rectangel with a point at the end or the top