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An equilateral triangle is when all angles and sides are equal throughout the triangle. If the triangle has same sides then it has same angles.

Acute triangle is when all angles in the triangle are under 90 degrees.

Since all triangles have three angles, and the sum of all angles within any traingle equals 180degrees, we must divide 180degrees by 3 angles.... 180deg/3A= 60deg per angle... This is the only option since there is only one equilateral triangle set of angles (60/60/60). And all the angles are under 90 deg. So in other words an equilateral triangle is an acute triangle.

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Q: How do you draw an equilateral triangle that is also an acute triangle?
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Is it possible to draw an equilateral acute triangle?

Yes, because an equilateral triangle is always acute.

Can you draw an equilateral acute triangle?

Yes because the measure of each angle in an equilateral triangle is 60 degrees which is an acute angle.

Is it possible to draw a triangle that is both obtuse and equilateral?

No because an equilateral triangle has 3 equal acute angles of 60 degrees

Can you draw an obtuse equilateral triangle?

Nope, that is not possible. Equilateral triangles always have three 60 degree angles, which are all acute.

How do you draw a equilateral acute triangle?

An equilateral triangle MUST be acute. Draw a staright line AB. Take a compass and put its pin point at A and the pencil point at B. Draw an arc on one side of AB. Without disturbing the compass setting, move the pin point to B and draw another arc to intersect the first arc at C. Join CA and CB. Then ABC is an equilateral triangle.

Explain how to draw an equilateral triangle?

An equilateral triangle means a triangle with all three sides with equal dimensions. For drawing an equilateral triangle first you will have to choose a measurement to draw the sides of the triangle. For example, lets take the side to be 4cm. When you draw the base of 4cm you will have to draw the other two sides of 4cm as well. Thus an equilateral triangle is constructed..

Can you draw a acute isosceles triangle?

MYou just described an equilateral triangle which is in fact isosceles and acute, and additional any isosceles triangle with a vertex angle of less than 90 is acute as the base angles are congruent and all three angles must add to180

Can a acute triangle also be scalene?

Scalene means the triangle has 3 sides unequal length. Acute means the triangle has 3 acute angles (less than 90o). So you should be able to draw a scalene acute triangle pretty easily. An equilateral triangle has all sides the same length and all angles are 60o. If you stretch one side a little, and shrink another side a little you will have a scalene triangle. And as long as you haven't stretched or shrunk the sides too far, it will also still be acute.

Is the acute triangle same as the rough triangle you draw?

Most people, when asked to draw a triangle, would probably draw an acute or maybe a right triangle.

Is it possible to draw a obtuse equilateral triangle?


Draw a triangle that is not a regular triangle?

If by regular, you're referring to a regular polygon which has all sides equal length, and all angles equal, then an equilateral triangle is a regular triangle. If you draw a scalene triangle or an isosceles triangle then it will not be equilateral.

Is it possible to draw a scalene acute triangle and an isosceles acute triangle why or why not?

Yes to both