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How do you draw a one-quarter right- angle turn

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Q: How do you draw one quarter of a right angle turn?
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How do you draw a quarter turn?

A quarter of a turn is a right angle or 90 degrees which looks like the capital letter L

What is one quarter of a right angle turn?

What is one quarter of a right angle turn?"

One quarter of a right-angle turn?

A 90° angle divided by four is 22.5°.

What fraction of a turn is in an obtuse angle?

It is between a quarter and a half turn.

What is one ninth of a right angle turn?

A right angle turn is a 90 degree turn. Therefore, one ninth of a right angle turn would be a 10 degree turn.

What is a right angle?

A right angle is a 90 degree angle.It can also be known as a square angle. The two edges of the angle are perpendicular to each other (which is a 90 degree angle), as they are in a square.A right angle is a 1/4 turn. (A full circle turn is 360 degrees; a quarter turn is 90 degrees.)If you take your index finger and hold it straight up and your thumb on the same hand out creating an L shape, that is a good example of a right angle.A right angle is a angle that has 90 degreesA right angle is a corner that measures exactly 90 degreesIt's an angle that bisects the angle formed by two halves of a straight line. It is measured at 90°.

Four fifths of a right angle turn?

4/5 of a right angle turn is 72°.

What is the degree measure of one half of right angle turn?

A right angle is 90 degrees, so 45 degrees is half a right angle turn.

What is a five right angle turn?

A five right angle turn is 450 degress. It ia an ubtuse angle, which means it ia greater than a right angle, 90 degress.

One half of a right angle turn?

One half of a right angle is a 45 degree angle.

What is the degree angle for one fourth of a right angle turn?

i really don't know so i am asking can someone please answer this question?

Is a right angle still a right angle if you turn it upside down?

Yes, the angle is still 90 degrees so it is still a right angle.

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