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8 - (8/8) = 7

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โˆ™ 2011-04-20 00:34:53
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Q: How do you equal 7 with the numeral 8 using it three times?
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Which is the greatest numeral?

Using the accepted convention, MMMCMXCIX (3999) is the largest numeral. The accepted convention does not permit any symbol to repeat more than three times in succession.

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What 40 and 45 equal using multiplication?

Using multiplication 40 times 45 = 1800

What is Roman numeral of 84000?

Using Middle Age Roman numeral notation, an overline multiplies the value by 1000. Thus 84,000 is 84 times 1000, which is notated as follows: ______ LXXXIV

What does 11 times 14 equal?

154 - without using a calculator !

What is 58 times 5 equal?

290... without using a calculator !

Make a sentence using can repeating three times?

Can you can can, can they can can?

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According to Islam, a man and woman should pray at least three times in a day.

Using three nines make them equal 11?


How do you write a roman numeral 1?

The roman numeral for the number one can be written as I or i. On a keyboard, it is typed using the "I", not the "1".

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Plessy v. Ferguson made segregation legal by using what three words?

"separate but equal"

Can you write 30 using one digit three times?

33 + 3

When do you use roman numeral in chemistry?

when you are using the Stock Naming System

How many days will 6 quarts of solution last using three cups per day?

If there are four cups in a quart, and you have six quarts, then four times six would equal 24. Now if you divide that number by the use of three for each day, the 24 divided by three would be eight.

Is eight eighth equal to three fourths?

No, eight eighths is not equal to three fourths. 8/8 is one whole and 3/4 is not. 3/4 equals 6/8 when using common denominators.

Using the same 1-digit number three times write three expressions that are equal to 20?


3 miles is how many ft?

One mile is equal to 5,280 feet. Using multiplication, one can deduce that three miles are equal to 15,840 feet.

How 5 times 3 can be equal to 5 by using mathematical symbols?

5 X 3 =/= 5

How many zeros in 3 lakhs?

Three lakh, expressed using Western comma separation, is equal to 300,000 - that is, three followed by five zeroes.

How many times can you divide a circle in equal parts not using compass?

Infinite amount of times. Its just a matter of how accurate you can draw the dividing lines.

How did the Egyptians and Romans write numbers?

The Egyptians wrote numbers using the Arabic numeral system (our system) and the Romans used the Roman numeral system. (IVXLCDM)

Are we using Arabic number system?

Yes the numeracy system we use today is the Hindu-Arabic numeral system which replaced the Roman numeral system during the Middle Ages