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since x is negative you use the identity cot-1(x)=tan-1(1/x)+pi. Tan-1(1/-sqrt3) + pi 5pi/6 + pi =pi

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Q: How do you evaluate the following expression arccot of the negative square root of three without using a calculator?
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Evaluate each expression | 9?

Evaluate each expression. | 9 | = -9 because Multiplying and Dividing with Positive and Negative Numbers. ... When the signs of the two numbers are the same, the answer will be positive. When the signs of the two numbers are different, the answer will be negative.

What is the evaluate your expression for nine minus times negative one?

It appears that the question is incomplete and so cannot be answered. There should be a number (or variable) after "minus".

Evaluate the expression 25.18-x for x equals -18.7?


How do you minus a negative on a calculator?

enter the negative first

How do you solve negative 5 plus 9 times 6?

You cannot solve it though it is possible to evaluate the expression. -5 + 9 * 6 = -5 + 54 = 49

Is there an online calculator that does negative numbers?

Your standard Windows calculator (or equivalent in another operating system) will do negative numbers.

Where is the negative exponent key on a calculator?

negative 4 with negative 3 as an exponent

What expression will have a negative outcome if b 41?

The expression "-b".

What is -2.3 for evaluate?

It is a negative rational number. Whether it is for evaluate or anything else makes no difference.

How do you evaluate negative 6 plus 14?


What is negative 7 divided by negative 9?


If the coefficient of the expression axn is negative and the exponent is positive will the expression be a polynomial?


What is a set of rules used to evaluate expression with more than one operation?

order of operations:);evaluate powers first, parenthesis second, multiplication and division third (if there is a combination of the two it doesn't matter the order you evaluate), and addition and subtraction last (like multiplication-division it doesn't matter the order you evaluate these two, a helpful tool for this step is to change all minus operations to plus negative).

Negative and posotive numbers in an expression?

Sure, why not?

How do you evaluate c to the negative 3?

C-3 = 1/(c3)

How do you raise a number to a negative power on a calculator?

There should be a negative button on your calculator, separate from the minus button. Press that button before pressing the buttons for the numbers of the exponent.

How do you put negative exponets into a calculator?

The details vary, depending on the calculator. To specify, for example, 5 to the power -2, you might typically press the following keys: 5 (xy) 2 (+/-) To specifically 10 to a positive or negative power, use the antilog function; for example, for 10 to the power -6: 6 (+/-) (10x)

Why does the expression -a does not always represent a negative number?

* If "a" is positive, "-a" is negative.* If "a" is negative, "-a" is positive. * If "a" is zero, "-a" is zero. If you want to force a negative number, you can write -|a|, i.e., the negative of the absolute value.

What is negative 1 minus 10?

-9... Use a calculator

How do you turn negative 1 fourth into a decimal?

By using a calculator:)

How do you add negative numbers on a calculator?

0-(first #)-(2nd #)

Where is the negative sign on the calculator?

Same place as the minus sign

Why does your calculator say negative 3 square equals negative 9?

Because it thinks that the negative sign is actually another operation to do and because of the order of operations, the calculator squares it first then makes it negative. To fix it, type it in like this (-3)2

Is familiarity breeds contempt a negative expression?


What is the expression for sensitivity factor in negative feedback amplifier?

[1/(1+Ab)] is the expression for sensitivity...