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Q: How do you excavate in a fenced back yard?
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What is a pitbulls habitat?

Anywhere in the back yard where the dog can dig and chew anything of value the dog runs across.

Do you have to have a fenced in yard?

Yes, completely fenced in with vinylclose to the ground, but I know bunnies are small and can probably get under by digging

What is the approximate cost of having a yard fenced in with labor and materials?

This depends on where you live and how big your yard is.

Where keep a pet rabbit?

you keepit in a cage or in a fenced in yard

Do dogs behave better when they are not in a cage?

Yes, they will do much better in a fenced yard.

Yard Landscaping?

form_title= Yard Landscaping form_header= Keep your yard beautiful and have it landscaped by a pro! What is the square footage of your yard?*= _ [50] Is your yard fenced?*= () Yes () No What do you want done?*= _ [100]

Can a dog catcher sight you leash law if your dog is on your yard?

as long as the yard has a fully fenced in area where the dog can not escape you do not have to have your dog on a leash

How remove deer trapped in fenced yard?

Just open the gate and leave him alone. He got in, he'll get out.

How big does your garden have to be to keep a miniature pony in it?

It depends on where you live. if you live in a city you can't have a pony in your back yard. but, okay then your pony CAN'T live in a garden it has to live in a paddock or in a fenced area. fenced area:at least 10x12. paddock: 10x10. if you don't know what a fenced area for ponies and horses are go on google and look it up. do the same for a paddock just look up: paddocks for horses. OH! fenced area and paddock have to be very tall so your pony can't jump it.

Can they cut a lock and come in your fenced yard and recover a vehicle?

I dont know what you mean by the way the question is wordded

What is the root of excavate?


What amount of area is needed for pit bulls?

Space is an important fact. A fenced yard in the back of the house could be the best but pitbull adapt to smaller places and walking the dog and excersing it will make up for the little space.