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What did SpongeBob do wrong in this experiment? Explain

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Q: How do you explain a wrong answer?
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How can you explain to a person that he's wrong?

First, are you sure that he's wrong and you're right. Then explain it nicely and try to lead the person to understand by himself.

How do you get back a Scorpio that you have done wrong?

You have to apologize and explain WHY you did it.

What if the results do not support the hypothesis you were testing?

Then explain why it was wrong

What is a caterpillar eating a leaf an example of?

consumption. if this is wrong explain

Who has covered right place wrong time?

you have to explain what you are trying to say

What do you do with an annoying grown up?

Talk to them face to face and explain what they are doing wrong.

What is result in a science project?

A result is if your hypothesis was whether right or wrong and then explain it.

How do you correct an adult without getting scolded?

Quietly tell them you think something they said or did is wrong, and explain why you feel that way. Then talk to them about why you are right and they are wrong, or why they are not wrong and why it appeared so.

What will a scientist do if their hypothesis turns out to be wrong?

The standard procedure is to admit your initial hypothesis turns out to be wrong and then proceed to explain why it was wrong and what really happened. Science is all about learning from your mistakes.

How do men understand what is wrong?

Often, mean have a hard time understanding what is wrong, so a woman has to carefully explain it to them. Sometimes, men can sense what is wrong, but he has to be in tune with the woman's feelings.

What is part of a lab report in which you explain what might have gone wrong in your investigation?

Error analysis

What do you do after telling your best friend that you like her twin brother when she encourages it?

wait, she might take it to the wrong way or the ggood way, if she takes it the wrong way just explain to her why thats not wrong and if not ask her why she thinks thats wrong :)