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If they already know what they are why do you need to explain to them?

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Q: How do you explain integers and exponents etc to some people who already know what they are?
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What do people mean when asked explain how you determine a difference when subtracting two integers?

They mean that if you subtract one of the two digit numbers from another then that is the difference. The numbers in the question are usually smallest first so you can't subtract like that. In these questions you may change the order of the numbers.

What are some life example for adding integers?

Integers are whole number 1,2,3 . . . etc. There are numerous example of the need for adding integers. Tom is bringing Sally and her three sisters to the party. Adding Tom (one person) and Sally (one person) and sisters (three people) there will be a total of 1 + 1 + 3 = 5 people coming to the party.

Explain Where the constant ratio of pi comes from?

If you have a circle ... any circle ... and you measure its circumference, measure its diameter, and divide the circumference by the diameter, the answer is always the same number, which people have decided to label with the name "pi". "Pi" is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, but "pi" is not a rational number, since it's not the ratio of any two integers.

Example for Quantity must be positive integer?

So there are two things we need. One, the number must be an integer, and two the number must be positive.Here are some examples.If you number the questions on a test, they will be positive integers/If you look at the number of people who read the answer to this question it must be a positive integer. I already read it so it can't be 0The number of people in the world is a positive integer.

Why is exponents second in the order of operations?

It is because of convention. It was necessary for some order of operation to be agreed so that wo people carrying out the same calculation would come to the same answer.

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Who were the first people to make changes to integers?

the first people to make changes in the integers are RAMANUJAM.

Are all integers natural?

Most people refer to the positive integers as the natural numbers. That would exclude the negative integers and zero.

What set of integers list the natural numbers?

Traditionally, the set of integers that represents the natural numbers is {1,2,3,...}, which are the positive integers. Some people include the non-negative integers as the set of natural numbers, which is {0,1,2,3,...}, and includes 0.

Where do integers come from?

Some people say it came from China.

Did you saved someone from getting hurt already explain in one paragraph?

To explain how you have saved someone from getting hurt in one paragraph, you could begin with a topic sentence that introduces how your job or actions protect other people. Then, using detail sentences, explain exactly how you kept that person from injuring himself or herself.

When did the idea of integers come to be?

Until someone first broke an item into separate parts all numbers were integers - people counted things... animals, people, days, all things were whole numbers.

Is it true that all integers are created by god?

No.But some people believe that they are.

Is subtraction of even whole numbers closed?

Unfortunately, the term "whole numbers" is somewhat ambiguous - it means different things to different people. If you mean "integers", yes, it is closed. If you mean "positive integers" or "non-negative integers", no, it isn't.

Why are exponents important?

Scientists use exponents to determine the speed of light, the distance between planets, or counting cells. Counting the number of cells can determine if someone does not have enough white blood cells, so they cannot fight diseases as easily. I know that people have million of cells in their body, so with exponents you do not have to write them all out, but in powers of ten.

Explain the motives that makes some people jacobites?

Explain the motives that makes some people jacobites?

Why can't questions of the form What is the least common denominator between two integers be eliminated?

If we could be certain the questions refer to integers, they can be. The answer is always 1. Since this browser can't reproduce fractions, most people will refer to a set of denominators as if they were integers.

Where were the most ghost sightings?

Out of the corners of the eyes of people who are already freaked out about a place or circumstance. They see things because their brain needs to explain things in terms they understand. They expand this into "ghost sightings."