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a ratio is a comparison between 2 or more things. To work ratio out, it will be easier if you separate it into parts. if you was to work out the ratio of money, you would add the ratio together. whatever the number is you convert into money. you would then times it by the first number of the ratio which is the answer of the first of the first part, then you add it to the second number, and then that is the answer to the ratio problem.

This is an example: if you had to work out £100 and the ratio was 8:2 this is how you would do it.

first part you add the 8 and the 2 together which is 10, convert that into money it is £10

second part you times the 8 and the £10 together which is £80

third part you times the 2 and the £10 together which is £20

then you put it in ratio which is £80:£20

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Q: How do you explain ratio?
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