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Q: How do you express 0.30 in tenths?
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What is the number in the tenths place of 2346?

In your example there is no tenths place. You would have to express it as 2,346.0 with zero being in the tenths place.

Express nineteen tenths as a decimal?


How is 0.30 express in words?

Three tenths.

How do you express five and two tenths?


How do you Express 867.90 in words?

eight-hundred sixty-seven and nine tenths

What is 76 tenths 93 hundredths 575 thousandth express as a decimal?

It is 9.105

How do you express two tenths as a percentage?

2/10 x 100 = 20%

Express 8 ones 19 tenths and 8 hundredths as a decimal?

It is 9.88

What is another way to express 12 tenths?

It is: 12/10 = 6/5

What is 369 divided by 030?


What is 030 as a decimal?

030 is 30, which is a number in the decimal system.

How do you express in words the figure 252.5?

Two hundred fifty-two and five tenths.

12103.6 express in words?

Twelve thousand, one hundred three and six tenths.

What is the answer if you express 37 tenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a mixed fraction, 37/10 is equal to 3 7/10, or three and seven tenths. Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 3.7.

What is the spark plug gap for 1984 Johnson 90HP outboard motor?

.030 .030

What is a ford 289 engine bored out .030 called?

A 289 bored .030 over.

Is it possible to express every decimal as a fraction without rounding?

As long as you are expressing those fractions in tenths, yes.

what is 1.7= _ tenths?

17 tenths or 17/10, 1 equals 10 tenths, and the 7 is in the tenths slot, so you add 10 tenths to 7 tenths and you get 17 tenths

Is .03 same as .030?


How many tenths is fifth less than seven tenths?

5 tenths. A fifth is two tenths. So 7 tenths - 2 tenths = 5 tenths

How do you do tenths to inches?

The question does not make sense unless you specify tenths of what! Tenths of a mile, tenths of a foot, tenths of an inch, tenths of a micrometre etc.

What is nine tenths minus four tenths?

Nine tenths minus four tenths is five tenths, which is also a half.

Spark plug gap 2001 EZGO TXT?

Gap spark plug as followsMarathon 2 cycle '76 to '94 ----- .028~.030Marathon 4 cycle '91 to '93 ----- .028~.030Medalist 4 cycle '94 to '96 ----- .028~.030TXT 4 cycle '96 to '04 ----- .028~.030ST350 workhorse '96 to '04 ----- .030

How do you turn a Chevy 350 to a 355?

Bore it .030 over. A 350 has a 4 inch bore. When you go .030 over, the cid., becomes 355.

How many cubic inches is 302 small block bored 030 over?

A ford 302/5.0 will be 306ci if bored .030 (4.030" bore)