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you make it into a fraction by puting whatever the negative exponent is attach to an pu that on the botttom of the fraction and leave a one on top

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Q: How do you express negative exponents as positive exponents while multiplying?
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What is the difference between scientific notation and negative exponents?

Scientific notation is a way to express very large or very small numbers. For very large exponent is positive; for very small exponent is negative. For example, 1,000,000 is 1 x 10 to the plus 6 exponent; 0.000001 is 1 x 10 to the negative 6 exponent

How do you express Space in Art?

Space in art is expressed as negative and positive , for instance if you look at a dough-nut , the hole would be the negative space , the dough-nut occupies positive space.

How many ways can you express the number 64 using bases and exponents?

In infinitely many ways. However, if you want powers of positive integers only, then you can express 64 as a power of 2, 4, 8 and of 64 itself.

Why exponents were invented?

I am pretty sure that at first, positive integer exponents were invented as a convenient shortcut, to express repeated multiplication - just as multiplication (of whole numbers) is a convenient shortcut to express repeated addition.Of course, nowadays, we also use negative and fractional exponents, and they are very useful in certain situations.

How do formulas express composition of compounds?

They list the elements in a molecule, numbers of each, and positive or negative charges.

What literay device uses the negative to express the positive?

It's litotes (or meiosis), as in saying 'It wasn't bad' to mean "It was very good"

Is O positive the universal donor?

Actually O negative is the universal donor. Type O blood does not have either A or B antigen and as such will not be rejected by a new recipient. Negative refers to the fact that the cells do not express the Rh factor. If O positive blood were to be given to an O negative person it could be very detrimental. Type O negative blood basically has none of the antigens or factors that can trigger a reaction. Conversely type AB positive blood type is referred to as a universal recipient. These people have blood cells with both the A and B antigens and they express the Rh factor and as such any blood type they receive will be tolerated by their systems.

Express 25 as a product of its prime using exponents?


How did Archimedes introduce exponents?

Archimedes is said to have invented exponents to express very large numbers. A passage from The Sand Reckoner is offered as evidence. To say that he invented exponents is a stretch of the facts; but he was aware of the concepts involved.

Can o positive and a positive parents have o negative children?

Never. Although, genes for ABO and Rh blood groups are present on the surface of RBCs but ABO and Rh blood group systems are different. Rh positive is always dominant to Rh negative gene irrespective of ABO blood groups. Hence, Rh positive blood group always express itself.

How do you write exponents on the keyboard?

Writing exponents on a keyboard is a challenge. If you hold SHIFT and press 6 you get this character: ^. This is the character used to express exponents. For example, 2^3 = 8 and 7^2 = 49

Can an a mother and ab- have an a- child?

Yes Yes, as both parents may be heterozygous. If that is the case, the baby may inherit the negative gene from both parents, and have no positive gene to express. In that case the baby will be Rh negative.

How are negative rational numbers used in day to day life?

Whenever you have quantities or measurements in two opposing directions, you can label one of them as positive, the other as negative. One clear example is money - you can have money (positive), or you can owe money (negative). Your amount of money in a given month can increase (positive), or it can decrease (a "negative increase"). Another example is altitude above sea level - when you are BELOW sea level, you can use a negative number to express your "altitude above sea level". As to "rational" - most countries use a main currency (for example, U.S. dollar) and a fractional part thereof (for example, cents). Similarly, the altitude above sea levels is usually expressed in meters; but you can express smaller increments in fractions or decimals.

What is the Excel formula to show exponents?

There are two ways to express exponents in Excel.=6^3=POWER(6,3)

How do you find the prime factorization of 321 using exponents to express the result?

321 = 3*107

Express 60 as a product of prime factors using exponents?

60 = 22*3*5

Express 96 as a product of prime factors using exponents?

96 = 25 x 31

How do you express the numbers of a particular prime number using exponents?

Exponents are used to replace repeated factors. Prime numbers won't use exponents because they don't have repeated factors. To express the prime factorization of a particular composite number using exponents, just count. 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 = 72 23 x 32 = 72

How do you express 84 as the product of its prime factors using exponents?

22 x 3 x 7

Can parents with A negative and A positive blood type have a child with an O positive blood type?

Yes. If mother was A/O RH pos (D d) and Father is A/O RH neg (d d), then they could have a O positive child. One only needs one big D to express the RH positive gene.

What is titer?

In terms of chemistry, a titer is a specific way to express a solution's concentration. The process of titer testing uses serial dilution to obtain quantitative information that is either negative or positive.

What is a dance therapy?

A method of psychological treatment in which movement and dance are used to express and deal with feelings and experiences, both positive and negative. Also called movement therapy.

Find each product or quotient Express using exponents?

what is the product or quotient? i need to know so i can help you!

How do you express 60 as a product prime factor using exponents?

2^2 x 3 x 5

What are the exponents to express 4680 as a product of prime factors?

They are: 2^3*3^2*5*13 = 4680