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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you factor 3x squared minus 8x minus 3?
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How how do you factorise 3x squared minus 8x?

3x2 - 8x = x(3x - 8)

How do you factor z squared minus 64x squared?

(z - 8x)(z + 8x)

What is the factorization of 24x squared minus 49x minus 40?

(3x - 8)(8x + 5)

How do you factor 64 x squared minus 9?

(8x - 3)(8x + 3)

How do you factor 4x squared minus 8x?

4X^2 - 8X factor out 4X 4X(X - 2)

What is the polynomial of this factor 8x2 minus 3x minus 5?

8x2-3x-5 = (8x+5)(x-1) when factored

How do you factor 8X squared minus 2X minus 1?

(2x - 1)(4x + 1)

Factor 24 cubed plus 27x squared - 8x - 9?

(8x + 9)(3x^2 - 1)

How do you factor 8x squared minus 4x squared?

8X^2 - 4X^2 factor out a 4X^2 4X^2(4 - 1) all I can see to do

How do you factor 64 x squared minus 25 y squared?

There is a formula for the "difference of squares." In this case, the answer is (8x + 5y)(8x - 5y)

What is 8x minus 3x?


How do you factor an equation with a squared number in it. Example 5 minus 8x plus 3 times x squared?

5 - 8x + 3x2 = 3x2 - 8x + 5 (since the sign of the second term is negative, then 5 can be factored as (-1)(-5)) = (3x - )(x - ) (try to put 1 or 5 to the empty places, in order to obtain -8x) = (3x - 5)(x - 1)

What is the square root of 8x squared plus 16 minus 3x equals 0?

the answer of √8x+16-3x=0 is x= 0.447213595 = +/- 0.447(to 3 decimal places) if I'm not mistaken

How do you factor 8x squared plus 6x minus 9?

(4x - 3)(2x + 3)

How do you factor x squared minus 8x plus 15?

(x - 5)(x - 3)

How do you factor 4x squared plus 8x minus 5?

(2x - 1)(2x + 5)

What is 5x minus (negative 3x)?


How do you factor 8x-24x2?

8x(1 - 3x)

X squared minus 8x minus 15?

What about it? Factorise it?

What is 5x squared plus 3x plus 8x squared?

5x2 + 3x + 8x2 = 13x2 + 3x = x(13x + 3)

What is 8x squared minus 8x minus 16 in factorization form?


How do you factor x squared minus 8x?

x2 - 8x = x*x - 8*x = x*(x - 8)

How do you do this problem 8x squared 3x squared (not quadatric)?

They are like terms and can be added together as 11x squared

How do you factor 8x squared minus 18x plus 9?

8x2 -18x+9=(2x+-3)(4x+-3)

What is the answer to 5x squared plus 3x squared plus 9?

The given expression can be simplified to: 8x squared +9