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4 - y2 can be written as 22 - y2. This has become of the form of x2 - y2.

Expansion for x2 - y2 is (x+y)(x-y).

So, 4 - y2 = 22 - y2 = (2+y)(2-y)

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(2 - y)(2 + y)

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Q: How do you factor 4-yยฒ?
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How do you factor the polynomial y2-4y-32?

factor 4y - 32

How do you factor 9 - 16y2?

(3 - 4y)(3 + 4y)

How do you factor 64y3-1?

(4y - 1)(16y2 + 4y + 1)

How do you find the greatest common factor of 4y-12?

The GCF of 4y and 12 is 3.

What is the greatest common factor of 32xy and 20yy?

The GCF is 4y.

How do you factor 4yยฒ plus 28xy?

The greatest common factor in the two terms is [ 4y ].The factored form of the expression is4y (y + 7x)

Who can factor x2 - y2 plus 4y - 4?

x2 -y2 +4y-4=(x+y)(x-y)+4y-4

How do you factor y2 4y?

y(y + 4)

What is the greates common factor of 20yy and 32xy?


How do you factor 272y2-36xy?

4y(68y - 9x)

How do you factor 15x-12y?

It is: 3(5x-4y)

What is the greatest common factor of 4x and 4y?

The greatest common factor (GCF) is 4.

How do you factor y squared plus 4y?

All you can do to factor that expression is to divide both terms by y: y2 + 4y = y(y + 4)

How do you Factor 4y3 plus 48y - 28y2?

4y^3 + 48y - 28y^2 = 4y(y - 3)(y - 4)

How do you Simplify 4y minus12 over 4y plus 12?

Factor out the 4. The answer is y-3/y+3

3x3-12x2y factor out the monomials?

3x2(x - 4y)

How do you factor 9x to the fourth power minus 16y to the fourth power?

(3x^2 - 4y^2)(3x^2 + 4y^2)

How do you factor 4y2-13y 9?

(y - 1)(4y - 9)

Which binomial is a factor of 80y2-120y plus 45?

4y - 3

How do you factor x3-64y3?

(x - 4y)(x2 + 4xy + 16y2)

Which is a factor of 3y2 plus 4y-7?

(y - 1)(3y + 7)

How do you factor problems like 3x 4y?

Problems like that cannot be factored.

How do you factor xz-4x yz-4y?

(z - 4)(x + y)

How do you factor 20y2 plus 3y - 2?

(4y - 1)(5y + 2)

How do you factor 4y squared minus 9?

(2y + 3)(2y - 3)

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