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If there is a number in front of the first x then you multiply that number by the end number and then you have to find a number that multiplies to that and adds to the middle term's number.

Ex. 3x(squared) + 5x -2=0

So in that example, you would multiply the 3 by the -2 and get -6. So then, ask yourself what multiplies to -6 and adds to 5 (the middle term).

The answer to this example is +6 and -1 (6 * -1= -6 and 6+-1= 5)

Then, you break down the middle term into those two terms.

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Q: How do you factorize a quadratic equation?
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By using the quadratic equation formula: (4x+1)(x-3) = 0

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3x² -2x -2 factorize?

3x2-2x-2 = (3x-3.645751311)(x+0.5485837704) when factored with the help of the quadratic equation formula

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THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF QUADRATIC EQUATION1) complete quadratic equation2) incomplete quadratic equation

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That depends on the equation.

How do you know if a equation is a quadratic one?

You know an equation is quadratic by looking at the degree of the highest power in the equation. If it is 2, then it is quadratic. so any equation or polynomial of the form: ax2 +bx+c=0 where a is NOT 0 and a, b and c are known as the quadratic coefficients is a quadratic equation.

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