How do you feel about sneakers?

Updated: 2/22/2024
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I like sneakers but why would you ask that?

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Q: How do you feel about sneakers?
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What are the coolest running sneakers?

Nike air jordans

Other than sneakers what products do sneaker stores frequently also sell?

Sneaker stores also sell shoe soles instead of sneakers. Sneaker soles are used to make someone fit better in his/her shoes and they feel more comfortable.

How do you say sneakers in German?

sneakers are Turnschuhe or Sportschuhe

How do you make sneakers?

You make sneakers by buying them at the store.

What is the british english word for sneakers?

sneakers = trainers

What kind of sneakers did george costanza wear?

black Nike Cortez sneakers

How can you get a sneaker contract and make sneakers as a profession?

Sell sneakers.

When was Veja Sneakers created?

Veja Sneakers was created in 2004.

When was Burnin' Sneakers created?

Burnin' Sneakers was created in 2002.

When was Idaho Sneakers created?

Idaho Sneakers was created in 1994.

What are John Cena's favorite sneakers?

Reebok Pump sneakers

When was Bad Sneakers created?

Bad Sneakers was created in 1974.