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pi times the diameter

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Q: How do you figure linear footage of circle?
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How do you calculate linear footage for a circle?

Width Of Circle X 3.14 or PII

How do you find the linear footage in inches?

Multiply the linear feet by 12.

What is 30 linear feet in square footage?

Without a second measurement of width, there is no way of knowing. Linear is length and square foot is area. You have to know length and width to figure it. 30 linear feet 1 foot wide would be 30 square feet.

Does a circle represent a function in linear functions?

a) A circle is not the graph of a function. b) A circle is not linear.

How do you turn linear footage into square footage?

If you know the length ft.(linear) and you wish to know its area (sq. footage), you must also know the width. Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) equals area or sq. feet. Linear in this case refers to length.

How to calculate linear square footage?

You cannot have linear square footage because: "linear" means the measurement is 1-dimensional. "square" means the measurement is 2-dimensional. The above two statements are mutually contradictory!

Your paint can says it covers 25 linear feet how can you figure what the square footage is?

I have never seen linear used on a paint can, but if it is brush paint, you would have to assume a foot wide stripe so that would be 25 sq. ft. If it is a spray can, you would have to see how wide a pattern it has at the distance recommended on the can and figure from there.

How to get Square footage of a circle?


What is the square footage of a 20' circle?

Area of a circle = pi*radius2

Is a circle non-linear?

No, but it is non-linear.

How many linear feet are in a 43 foot diameter circle?

43 linear feet. The diameter of the circle is the longest distance that you can have in the circle.

How do you convert linear footage to board footage?

Linear footage is a one dimensional measurment. Board footage is volume. one board foot is 1 inch thick by 12 inches square. 1" x 12" x 12" = 144 cubic inches of wood or one board foot.