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multiply the two fractions

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Q: How do you figure out a fraction of a fraction?
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How do you figure a fraction of a cost?

Multiply the fraction times the cost.

What is the fraction for 6 liters?

To figure a fraction, you need two parts to the equation. 6 liters by itself is a whole figure.

How do you figure out 0.265 in fractions?

To figure out 0.265 as a fraction, you must put 265 over a fraction bar and 1,000 under the fraction bar, and reduce the fraction from there.0.265=265/1,000=53/500

How do you figure out 667 as fraction?

667 is an integer, not a fraction. However, if you must express it as a fraction, it is 667/1.

What part of a fraction tells how many units the fraction contains?

The denominator (the figure below the horizontal line)

What fraction of each figure is shaded?


How do you turn 3.83333333333 into a fraction?

The figure 3.8333 is already in a fraction.

What fraction represents the shaded portion of the figure?

None, since there is no shaded part of any figure!

How can you log on on fraction nation at home?

i cant figure it out sorry

What do you call the figure written below the line in a fraction?

The denominator.

How do you figure out 1.875 as a fraction?

1875/1000 or 15/8

How can you calculate fractions on a calculator?

A fraction can be turned into a decimal figure. Divide the bottom into the top to get your decimal figure. Then work in decimals.

How do you figure of out an equivalent fraction?

Multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same integer.

What is five and three sevenths as an improper fraction?

If you have a mixed fraction a b/c, the improper fraction is (a*c + b)/c. I'll let you figure out this particular problem on your own. :)

What is 0.51 written as a fraction?

51/100Method: To convert a decimal figure to a fraction, use the numbers after the decimal point for the top figure. And for the bottom figure (the divisor) put 1 for the decimal point, and a zero for every number after it. So 0.921 = 921/1000

How do you figure out the equivalent fraction of two fifths?

It is a fraction of the form (2*n)/(5*n) where n is any non-zero integer.

What is the fraction for 13 out of 22?

0.5999 the last figure is what is known as a recurring decimal.

How do your figure out a equal fraction?

Multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same counting number.

How do you figure out what .4 is as a fraction on paper?

0.4 = 4/10 =2/5

How can you find that a any smaller figure is what fraction of a greater figure?

It is the smaller divided by the bigger. For 5 and 17, the 5 is 5/17 of the 17.

How do you figure out the fraction of the thinnest layer to the thickest?

The fraction is(thickness of the thinnest layer)/(thickness of the thickest layer) After you write that fraction, you can simplify it if you feel like it.

What fraction of the cross in figure 10-7 will be recessive for both traits?


How do you do to figure out 32 percent as a fraction?

32% = 0.32 = 32/100 = 8/25

What is the fraction if there are 471 girls out of 1000 people?

i don't know figure it out by ur self

What is the meaning of decimal point?

a dot placed after the figure representing units in a decimal fraction.

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