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If it is a fraction you want as a percent, this is how you do it: NUMERATOR ÷ DENOMINATOR so it's kind of like this: if there is a 5/7, you devide 5 by 7, which is 0.72. But that's not all, when you've got the number, multiply it by a 100. 0.72x100=72. So it is 72 percent: I'll shorten it out for you: 2/8= 2÷8= 0.25 now if you want it as a percent: 0.25x100=25% :) If it is a decimal you want as a percent, this is how you do it: multiply a 100 to the decimal: 0.23x100=23% so 0.23=23% if the decimal is over the hundredths( something like 0.567) you easily know that if you multiply a 100 it is 567. but it's not 567%. it is 56.7%. Do you kind of get it? If you want your decimal to be 567%, the decimal must be 5.67. Examples: 4/10=4÷10x100=40% (try it on a calculator) 0.67=67% 78.34=7834% 2.649=264.9% a whole number: example: 7=700% because 7=7.00 and 7.00x100 is 7% I hope you understand now.

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Q: How do you figure out a percent of a number?
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How do you figure out 15 percent of 41.00?

To find 15 percent of any number, simply multiply the number by 0.15

How do you figure out a 20 percent increase?

Multiply your number by 1.2.

How do you figure 10 percent of something?

you miltiply the number by .10

How figure out X is N percent of what number?

Divide ' 100 X ' by ' N '. The answer is the number.

How do you figure 900 is 60 percent of what number?

900 is 60% of 1500

How to figure 63 is 11 percent of what number?

63*100/11 = 572.7272..

What number is 160 percent of 255?

1. 408 is 160% of 255 2. To figure it out multiply the number you want the percentage of by the percent number divided by ten. ( 255 * 1.6 = 408 )

65.86 multiplied by 12 percent equals?

to figure this out do: 65.86 x .12 you multiply the number by the percent (turn it into a decimal) the answer is: 7.9032

What percent is 100 of 140?

It is pretty easy to figure out percents; just divide the first number by the second number and then multiply by 100 and you get a percent. 100/140 is 71.4%.

What percent of women have the hourglass figure?

only 8 percent of women have an 'hourglass' figure.

75 percent of what number is 90?

the answer u will have to figure out urself but i think it will b 75% of 90

How do you write 619 as a percent?

Well it depends on what you are trying to describe it as a percent of. If you are trying to find out what percent of 619 is of 100, the answer is 619%. If you are trying to figure out what 619 percent of 1000 is the answer would be 61.9 percent. If you are trying to find out what percent it is of a certain number you would do 6.19 multiplied by the number.

How do you figure what percentage of a 100 two numbers are each?

Per cent means "out of a hundred." Any number out of a hundred will be that number as a percent.

What number is 10 percent of 250?

Ten percent of 250 is 25. An easy way to figure out this is to move the decimal point one place to the left.

What is 6.538 times 6.45 percent?

Are you asking what is 6.54 percent of 6.538? If so, to figure it out, you are going to divide 6.54 by 100 to get the number you multiply the number you are finding the percent by. So:6.54/100=0.0645. 0.0645*6.538=0.421701.

How do you figure 245 percent of 980?

245 is what percent of 980?

I have to make a pie chart and i cant figure out how to change the number 5 9 17 12 and 13 into a percent. They all have to equal 100 percent?


How do you figure 20 percent of what number is 75?

You recognise that 20% is one-fifth so you multiply 75 by 5...

How do you figure 35 percent of what number is 70?

70/35 = 1% of the number (2) 2 * 100 = 200 70/35*100 = 200 Divide it by what percent it is to find 1%. Then times it by 100 to get 100% of the original number.

How do you calculate 15 percent increase on a figure?

Multiply the figure by 1.15

How do you figure out what is 59.99-15 percent?

59.99-15 percent = 44.99

How do you figure a number that 80.80 is 80 percent of?

It is: 80.80/80 times 100 = 101 Check: 80% of 101 = 80.80

How do you get the percent of something?

I do I get the percent of something? Example I have 650 students and 156 are hispanic, how do I figure out the percent?

Figure out 1.5 percent of 220?


25 percent OF 1650.00?

25%of 1,650 is 412.5 - To figure this out multiply the percentage as a decimal(0.25) by the number you want to find 25% of.