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Consider that you have a negative times a positive, so the final result will be negative.

Work out 24 x 2/3 and make sure the result is negative.

When multiplying numbers, there are 2 different cases to think about with regard to the signs of the numbers:

  • If the signs of the numbers are the same (positive and positive, or negative and negative) then the result will be positive;
  • Otherwise if the signs are different (that is if one number is positive and the other is negative) the result will be negative.
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Q: How do you figure out negative 24 multyplied by the fraction two thirds?
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What is negative two thirds divided by 5 as a fraction?


What is -1.6666666666666667 as a fraction?

negative one and two thirds

What fraction is closer to zero negative five twelves or negative two thirds?


What is negative 42 divided by seven thirds?

-42 / 7/3 = -18 To divide by a fraction, you multiply by the reciprocal of the fraction. the reciprocal of seven thirds is three sevenths. Negative 42 times three sevenths equals negative 18.

What is negative 5 thirds times negative 5 plus 3y in fraction form?

It is 25/3 + 3y.

What is negative 10 divided by negative two-thirds?

Negative 10 divided by negative two-thirds = 15/1 or 15

What is two -thirds?

a fraction

How many thirds are in negative two thirds?

Negative two of them are.

Is two thirds a fraction?

Yes 2/3 or two thirds is a fraction.

How do you write three into thirds as an improper fraction explain?

Three thirds is an integer, not a fraction.

What is negative five thirds multiplied by negative two thirds?


What is negative two minus five thirds?

negative three and two thirds

What is greater negative one-third or negative seven-thirds?

Negative one third.

Is twenty three thirds as a fraction bigger than 7 and two thirds as a fraction?

no. they are equal

What is two-thirds in fraction form?

Two thirds is the name of the fraction 2/3.

What is 4 and 2 thirds as a fraction?

4 and 2 thirds as a fraction = 4 2/3

What is negative two-thirds minus two?

neg 2 and two thirds -2 2/3 in a mixed number the neg sign is for both the whole number and the fraction

What is 8 2 thirds as an improper fraction?

eight and 2 thirds as an improper fraction is 26/3

What fraction is equivalent to two-thirds?

One fraction equivalent to 2/3 is 4/6

What is the improper fraction of 25 thirds?

As an improper fraction 25 thirds is 25/3.

What is an equivalent fraction for six an two thirds?

20 thirds

What is twelve and two thirds as an improper fraction?

38 thirds

What is 2 thirds in fraction?

Two thirds=2/3

What fraction is 20 thirds?

20 thirds is 20/3.

Is negative two thirds greater than negative one sixth?

Negative two thirds is smaller than negative one sixth. To have more of a negative is to have less.