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'is' over 'of' equals percentage over 100

ex. 45 percent of 842 is what?

answer. x/842 = 45%/100

cross multiply 45 times 842 -you get 37890

then divide that by 100 and your answer is 378.9

378.9 is 45% of 842

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Q: How do you figure out what percent of what number is x?
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How figure out X is N percent of what number?

Divide ' 100 X ' by ' N '. The answer is the number.

65.86 multiplied by 12 percent equals?

to figure this out do: 65.86 x .12 you multiply the number by the percent (turn it into a decimal) the answer is: 7.9032

What number is 50 percent of 96?

50% of 96 is 48. You can figure this out simply by knowing that 50%=1/2, or you can use the percent equation: is=% x of. In this case, the equation would be: x=0.5 x 96.

How do I figure out '16 is 18 percent of what number'?

16 is 18% of x 16 = 18% * x 16/0.18 = x 88.88... repeating = x ( I'm not sure how to put the bar on top)

If 8 percent of X is 13 of X what number is 92 percent of X you are ultimately trying to find what the number for X is?

8 percent of X cannot be 13 of X.

How do I figure this number is what percent of this number?

To convert a number to a percent, multiply by 100.I'll try to illustrate by example.Example:100 is what percent of 1000?Set up an equation:100= 1000x where x is a fraction.Solve: x=1/ convert to percent--multiply by 100.1/10=10%Example #2:5 is what percent of 10?Set up the equation:5=10x (x is a fraction).Solve: x=1/2multiply by 100 to convert fractions to percents:(1/2) X 100 = 50%View #2To rephrase your question, A is what percent of B. This is the formula. A/B = X/100.You multiply A by 100 and divide B into the answer to get X which is your percent.

How do you do percent of a number on a calculator?

Two choices: -- Multiply (the number) x (the percent using the percent % key). -- Multiply (the number) x (the percent), then divide the answer by 100. Either way, the claculator displays that many percent of that number.

70 percent of what number is 252?

70 percent of what number (call the number "x") is 252, so; 0.7 * x = 252 x = 252 / 0.7 x = 360

How do you figure what percent one number is of another number?

If you take '2' and '4', then 2 is 50% of 4. To calculate that, use (2/4)*100 to get the percentage. So to find out what percentage number 'x' is of number 'y', use (x/y)*100.

What is 7.25 percent of 89.75?

Percent means " per 100." To calculate percentages convert the percent to a decimal. 7.25 / 100 = .0725. Then multiply the number you are trying to figure out the percentage of by this decimal. 89.75 x .0725 = 6.507 .

How do you figure 20 percent out of 20?

20 x 0.2 = 4

How do you figure out 13 percent of 77.00?

77 x 0.13 = 10.01