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As an acre is a measure of area (a 2-dimensional object), a square acre is a 4-dimensional object; visualising 4-dimensional objects is not easy in our 3-dimensional space.


Assuming you meant a square area which is 9 acres in size, then:

1 acre = 4840 sq yds

→ 9 acres = 9 × 4840 sq yds = 43560 sq yds

→ a square with an area of 9 acres has a side length of √43560 yards ≈ 208.71 yards (perimeter of approx 834.84 yards)

An area of 9 acres can have any shape you want. The smallest perimeter is when the 9 acres is circular in shape, in which case the perimeter is the circumference of the circle with area of 9 acres and is approx 739.86 yards long. Any other shape will have a perimeter that is longer than this.

Other examples are a rectangle 9 yards wide and 4840 yards long (perimeter 9699 yards);

a rectangle 198 yards wide (9 chains) by 220 yards long (1 furlong) (perimeter 836 yards).

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Q: How do you figure outside dimension of 9 square acre?
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How do you figure outside dimension of a square acre?

You don't have to figger: a square acre has a perimeter of 208.7 fett on all four sides. But you can find the square root of the 43560 square feet inside an acre to get the perimeter measuremnets.

If an acre of land is square what would be the outside dimension?

1 Acre = 43560 ft2 A square that is 208 feet 8½ inches (63.615 meters) on a side is just a little smaller than an acre.

What is the dimension of an acre in square feet?

Answer: 1 acre = 43,560 ft²

What is the approximate dimension in square feet lot with an area of half an acre?

(1/2) acre = 21,780 square feet.

What is the dimension of 0.23 acre?

An acre contains 43,560 square feet. The conversion says that it would be 10,018.8 square feet.

What are the dimension on a square acre lot?

If the lot has an area of 1 acre, and the shape is a square (acre is the area unit, not square acre). 1 acre = 43560 ft², so take the square root and get 208.71 ft side length.

What is the dimension in feet of a ten acre square?

If you mean "area", there are 43,560 square feet in an acre. 10 x 43560 = 435,600 square feet.

How do you figure sq feet in acre?

There are 43,560 square feet in one acre.

Is 200 by 200 feet a acre?

It will be just under an acre. An acre contains 43,560 square feet. A closer dimension would be 210 by 210.

What is the dimension of a one acre lot?

One acre = 43,560 square feet (4047 square meters) The lot can be any shape, but an acre in the shape of a square would be about just short of 207 feet on each side.

How much is a square acre?

Any dimension that = 43,560 square feet. 208.75 x 208.75 = 43,576.56 sq ft.

What are the dimension of a 40 acre square?

Sides: 1,320'Perimeter: 5,280'Diagonal: 1,867'Area: 1,742,400 square feet

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