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So finally you see why math is important? Area=Pi X R X R where Pi=3.14159 R=radius of the circle. Lets say the circle is 2 feet in diameter. Then the area is Area=3.14159 X 1 X 1=3.14 Square Feet. Cool huh?

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Q: How do you figure sq ft in a circle?
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What is the square ft of a 9 ft circle?

The area of a circle with a diameter of 9 feet is 63.6 sq ft (approx).The area of a circle with a diameter of 9 feet is 63.6 sq ft (approx).The area of a circle with a diameter of 9 feet is 63.6 sq ft (approx).The area of a circle with a diameter of 9 feet is 63.6 sq ft (approx).


441pi/4 sq ft

How many sq ft in a 13' diameter circle?

132.7 sq ft, approx.

How many sq ft in a circle with a 12ft outer diameter and a 4ft inner diameter?

This would not be called a circle. IT would be called a ring. Sq Ft of outer ring - Sq Ft of inner ring = Sq Ft in between 113.04 - 12.56 = 100.48 sq ft

What is the area in feet of a 12 inch circle?

There's no way to express area in feet - it needs to be square feet. A circle of radius 12" has an area of pi sq. ft. ~= 3.141 sq. ft. A circle of diameter 12" has area pi/4 sq ft ~= 3/4 sq. ft.

Figure how many acres in 60000 sq ft?

(60,000 sq ft) / (43,560 sq ft / acre) = 1.3774 acre (rounded)

How many square feet is 24 inch circle?

a 24 inch circle is a 2 ft diameter circle, or a 1 ft radius circle. the area of a circle is pi * r squared, so 1 ft squared is 1 sq ft. Times pi (=3.14159) is 3.14159 sq ft

How do you find how many more square feet a 30 in circle is than a 18 in circle?

Area of 30 inch circle = pi*302 sq inches Area of 18 inch circle = pi*182 sq inches Difference = pi*(302 - 182) = 576*pi sq inches 1 sq foot = 1 ft*1 ft = 12 inches*12 inches = 144 sq inches so 576*pi sq inches = 576/144 *pi sq ft = 4*pi sq ft = 12.57 sq ft.

What is the area of the half-circle piece of glass with an area 12 ft sq?

The answer is in the question! 12 sq ft!

What is the sq footage of a circle with the diameter of 36ft?

Area 36 ft diameter circle = pi x radius squared = 3.1416 x 18 ft x 18 ft = 1017.87 sq ft

What is the sq ft of a circle with 8 ft radius?

the questions is asking you to find the area, so the area of a circle is 3.14r^2. Plug 8ft for radius and you get your answer to be approximately 201.06 sq ft

How sq ft in a 4 ft circle?

If the diameter of the circle is 4 feet across the area is about 12.6 sq ft. You can check this by using the formula Area=Pi times the radius squared.