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If your question is asking: "What number can be divided by (3 percentages that equal 100%), then the answer is: "Any number divided by 100% equals the original number. For example: 100 / (40%+30%+30%)= 100/100% = 100/1 = 100

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Q: How do you figure the original amount when divided 3 ways by 40 percent 30 percent 30 percent?
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How do you figure percent decrease?

(Actual decrease divided by original amount) x100%

How do you figure two tenths of 1 percent of a dollar amount?

You figure what two tenths of one percent of an amount is by multiplying that original amount by 0.002 The result is two tenths of a percent of that amount.

What is the normal growth rate of employees in a company?

The average growth rate of employees in a company is 30 percent. Each company can figure out their own growth rate by subtracting the original amount of employees from the new amount, multiplying that number by 100 percent and then dividing the sum by the original amount.

How do you figure out a problem that wants to know the original price and gives you the amount of discount?

Let x equal the original price. Let's say the sale is 25 percent off. That means that 0.75x = the sale price. To find the original price, divide the sale price by the decimal equivalent of 100 minus the discount. Example: You bought an item for 48.00 that was marked as being 20 percent off the original price. The original price was 48.00 divided by 0.80 or 60.00

What multiplying factor would increase a quantity by 45 percent?

Multiply the original figure by 1.45 !

What is 30 percent off of 200 dollars?

to figure percent off: calculate the percent, then subtract from the original amount.30% X $200 = $60. $200 - $60 = $140

What is the percent of increase from 10.00 to 13.00?

So to calculate this the following. You see there is an increase of 3 (13-10). 3 divided by the original figure multiplied by 100 (for %) gives you an answer of 30% increase.

How do you figure out return on investments?

(Amount received Or receivable - original investment) divided by original investment is the total return on investment. If ROI is to be calculated on annual basis, divide the total ROI by number of years. Express in terms of percentage.

How do you calculate a VAT amount of 14 percent from a total amount of 2450?

Divide the 2450 by 1.14 which gives you 2149.12, then subtract that from the original number to reveal the VAT amount of 300.88. This works for any figure you want to remove a percentage from.

What is 22100 as a percent?

22.1%: To figure this out you can do 221 divided by 1000. Then multiply it by 100 to get the percent. That's what I did.

How do you figure out the percentage of an item that is off?

simple - first off "percent" literally means "per onehundred". Your original amount is 100% of the value. using division, you take the new amount & divide by the original amount - this gives you the percentage that remains, subtract this from 100. Example: Original price is $15.00, new price is $12.00, $12.00 divide by $15.00 = 0.80 or 80%. 100% - 80% = 20% , Your percentage off is 20%.

What is the percent decrease of 1575 to 1250?

(1575-1250)/original figure, 1575... x100 = 20.63% decrease

What is a discount in finance?

A discount is a reduction of the original price of an item. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount of the original figure. In finance the same principle applies.

How do you figure the how much percent was taken off the original price if you only have the original price and the sale price?

Sale price/original price will give you a fraction. The fraction x100 gives you the percentage that the sale price is of the original price.100-(that percentage) gives the percent taken off.

Does density depend on the amount of a substance or only its composition?

density is mass divided by volume figure it out yourself

What percent of 50 is 65?

.769230769230(etc) percent An easy way to figure this out on your own is to grab a calculator and type in 50 over (or divided by) 65... :)

Suppose you copy a figure on a copier using the given size factor find the scale factor from the original figure to the copy in decimal form 150 percent?


How much percent is 447.49 of 4520.07?

It is almost 10%. The actual figure is .0990007. 447.49 divided by 4520.07 = .0990007

Amount of children effected by alcohol?

One hundred percent of those from families with an alcoholic parent or parental figure.

How would you figure 15 percent off of an item?

You do one of two things. Take the original price, multiply it by .15, and then subtract the result from the original. Or you can multiply the original by .85 (1.00-.15) and get the reduced price immediately.

What is 25 percent off 190 dollars?

$142.50 : Percent off means to figure the percentage, then subtract from the original. 25% of $190 is $47.50, then subtract from $190 to get $142.50

What is the percent increase of 2.4 to 4.25?

the difference is 1.85. 1.85/ the original figure of 2.4, x100 is 77% increase

What number is 160 percent of 255?

1. 408 is 160% of 255 2. To figure it out multiply the number you want the percentage of by the percent number divided by ten. ( 255 * 1.6 = 408 )

What is 7 out of 8 as a percent?

87.5% how to figure this out: 100 divided by 8=12.5 times 7= 87.5 then add the percentage sign:) hope this helped!

When you change coordinates of points of a figure to get another figure the original figure is called what?

The original figure is called the pre-image. After the transformation it becomes the image.