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Model each floor of the house with one or more rectangles, compute the area of each of these rectangles, and sum them to the total square footage. If the shape of you house if really complicated you may have to throw a triangle in there, but most houses can be approximated well enough using rectangles.

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Q: How do you figure the square footage of a home?
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How do you figure out square footage in to inches?

Multiply by 144

What is the square footage of a room 20x17x8?

To figure out the square footage of this odd sized room, you simply need to multiply the numbers. The answer is 2720 square feet.

How do you figure square footage of a parking lot that is 10 by 30 by 40?

For a parking lot to have 3 measurements, it must be an unusual shape. We would need more information to figure the square footage.

Example of algebra in construction?

I use algebra to figure square footage, cubic footage, and angles when building, It is very important.

How do you figure room size by square footage?

Multiply the length times the width.

Does home square footage take multiple floors into account?

Square footage is all living area regardless of which or how many floors.

How do you figure square feet 15x19?

if you know the footage say its 15 feet wide and 19 long than you just multiply it and thats the SQUARE FOOTAGE of the area so that

How do you figure square footage of a room that is 8ft x 6ft?

The area is 8*6 = 48 square feet

Squrare footage of a 16 x 80 mobile home?

Most single wide mobile homes are 14 feet by 70 feet, giving them an approximate square footage of 980 sq ft. A typical double wide home is 28 feet by 70 feet for an approximate square footage of 1960. The square footage on a mobil home can vary greatly depending on the size of the home. The average mobil home has about 1000 square feet.

How can you get the square footage of your home?

measure it or ask the building contracter

Is the square footage of your house part of your lot?

Yes and no. If the home is a one story, then obviously whatever the square footage of it is, is what square footage of land is underneath it. Now, if you have a two story home you wouldn't be able to use the square footage. You may ask why is that. Because now your square footage is equal to up and down stairs. In turn this will double the square footage. I wanted to add to this question that most lots are meassured by length and width. So lets say your length is 130 FT and your width is 60 FT, You multiply the two numbers and come up with the square footage of your lot, 7800square feet.

How do you measure how much drywall needed?

You figure out the square footage, and then the size and number of boards needed.