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Yes, Width x Length x Height = Volume.

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Q: How do you figure voulme lenght time width times height?
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The definition of area?

lenght times width times height..

How do you work out cubic measurement?

Lenght times width times height = cubic measurment

What is the formula of lenght?

lenght times width times height There is no formula. Length is a linear measurement using appropriate units.

If the volume of cube is 512 cubic inches what is the height and how did you figure it out?

It is 8 inches. If it is a cube then length and width and height is the same Lenght times width times height is volume So height is the cube root of 512 = 8 I used a calculator to get the cube root

How do you find volume of the wall?

B x L x W. base times lenght times height.

How do you find the volume of a cube when given area of base and height?

you have to multply lenght times width

What metric unit of measurement is used when using the tool lenght times width times height?

When multiplying length by width by height, the volume of the object is calculated. Volume is measured in cubic metres, or m3.

How do you figure a pentagons perimeter?

base times height minus half of the perimiter base times height minus half of the perimiter

What is the volume of a room with the dimensions of 20' by 14' with a wall height of 8' show method lenght x width x height?

Volume = length times width times height = length x width x height In our case the volume = 20 x 14 x 8 = 2240 cubic feet

What is the volume of butter?

depends on how big the block of butter is. To figure it out just do the length times width times height.

Pond is 2 meters x 1 meters x 500 deep. how much water would it hold in liters?

lenght times width times height = volume so whats 2 times 1 times 500?

What is the area of a rectangle with a length of 14m and width of 5m?

Area of a rectangle is width times lenght. 14m in lenght (times) 5m in width = 70m2

How do you figure out the area of a parrellagram?

Its area in square units is its length times its perpendicular height

What is the definition of the area of a figure?

Depends on the figure: square/rectangle is length time height Triangle is .5base times height Circle is pi r^2

How do you get the area of a parallelogram?

Lenght times width

What does lenght times width times height equal?

It equals volume that is calculated in cubic units.

How do you figure out cubic feet of a box?

you must multiply the length times the width time the height

How do you figure out the square feet of a room for carpet?

you take lenght times width if it is odd shaped cut it up in different easier sections then add up all your awnsers

How do you figure out the volume of a pyramid or a cone?

In both cases, the formula for volume is 1/3 times the base area times the height.

What is the formulae for area of cylindrical tank?

First, figure out the radius and height of the tank. The formula for its radius will be 2 times pie and the radius squared plus the height times 2 pie radius.

What is lenght times width of a square acer?


What are you measuring when you are looking for the area?

lenght times the width

How do you measure the slope of a river?

well, you can just figure out the volume of the river times it but the height and there you have it the slope of a river!

What is the difference between area and length?

Lenght times Square

What is the formula in getting the height of a rectangle?

lenght times height == If it rests on one of the shortest sides , then the altitude is the length of the longer side. If it rest on one of the longer sides, then the altitude is the length of the shortest side. If it is the special case of a square, then any side is an altitude.

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