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Percent- multiply amt x4.5%.

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Q: How do you find 4.5 of an amount?
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An item sells for 45 after a 20 percent discount find the original amount?

$56.25$45 is 80% of the original price45/.80=56.25

How do find the percent decrease if the original amount was 45 and the new amount is 27?

I think you subtract the new amount from the original amount and then move the decimal over twice to the right of the number and that's your percent. :)

9 10 of a sum of money is 45 find the whole amount?

Was that supposed to say "9/10 of a sum of money is 45"? If so, then the answer is "50". Divide 45 by 9/10, or 0.9. So 45/.9=50

How much is 45 mm in cm?

45 millimeters expressed in centimeters is 4.5 cm. To calculate conversions like this, you take the millimeters and divide them by ten to find the amount of centimeters.

How do you find each percent of 40 is increase to 45?

If you are asking "what is the % increase if you go from 40 to 45", then subtract and divide by the original amount. 5/40 = 1/8= .125 = 12.5%

How do you find 45 of 19.90?

45 what of 19.90? 45 %?

What is 45.19 to the nearest dollar amount?


Find the measure of one interior angle?

You take the amount of sides it has and divide it by 360 e.g. if a polygon has 8 sides you do: 360 / 8 = 45

45 percent of 45 students are boys how many students are boys?

%*amount=answer .45*45=answer answer=20.25 boys. so i would round it to 20 boys..

What is 45 percent off of 75.00?

45% off, means you calculate 45%, then subtract from the original amount.45%=0.450.45 * 75.00 = 33.7575.00 - 33.75 = 41.25

What do you multiply to decrease an amount by 45 percent?


How do you find the square root of 45?

Guess and check to find two numbers that equal 45.