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Generally speaking an x% confidence interval has a margin of error of (100-x)%.

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Q: How do you find The margin of error for the confidence interval is?
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99 percent confidence interval Population mean 24.4 to 38.0 find the mean sample?

if the confidence interval is 24.4 to 38.0 than the average is the exact middle: 31.2, and the margin of error is 6.8

How do you find the sample size if you are given the confidence interval and the margin of error as well as the standard deviation?

You can't. You need an estimate of p (p-hat) q-hat = 1 - p-hat variance = square of std dev sample size n= p-hat * q-hat/variance yes you can- it would be the confidence interval X standard deviation / margin of error then square the whole thing

How do you find the interval on the line graph?

U find the word interval

Will you find the number 89 in the interval 79-89?

Yes, if it is the closed interval. No, if it is the open interval.

How do you find the confidence intervals?

See: Includes a worked out example for the confidence interval of the mean of a distribution. In general, confidence intervals are calculated from the sampling distribution of a statistic. If "n" independent random variables are summed (as in the calculation of a mean), then their sampling distribution will be the t distribution with n-1 degrees of freedom.

How do you find the interval for a set of data?

You find the the smallest and largest values. The interval is the largest minus the smallest.

How do you find an interval on a graph?

to find an interval you have to subtract the first two number from each other for example 5 10 15 20 the interval for this set of data is 5

How do you find the population mean for a 95 percent confidence interval?

It depends whether or not the observations are independent and on the distribution of the variable that is being measured or the sample size. You cannot simply assume that the observations are independent and that the distribution is Gaussian (Normal).

What price do farmers get for the peach crops In the third week of June a random sample mean of 6.88 per basket. Assume that the standard deviation is known to be 1.92 per basket. Find a 90 confidence?

If there are any grounds for assuming that the prices are Normally distributed (in fact, there are none), then a 90% confidence interval is (3.72, 10.04).

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You can find an excellent reference about this subject in the book Convince with Confidence at

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A random sample of 120 students has a test score average with a standard deviation of 11.4 Find the margin of error if c equals 0.90?

i y=use Z-test

How do you know the contour interval on a topographic map?

The contour interval is always indicated somewhere in the margin of the topo map, along with other symbols and scales. Also, there are always some contours on the map that are printed in a bolder line than others, and have the elevation printed along the line. You can find two of these that are parallel, count the number of lighter contours between them, and that will tell you the interval.

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you measure it

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by the help of stopclock

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in trpezoidal rule for numerical integration how you can find error

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Acceleration has two parts ... its size and its direction.To find the size (magnitude):-- pick a time interval-- measure the speed at the beginning of the interval-- measure the speed at the end of the interval-- subtract the speed at the beginning from the speed at the end-- divide that difference by the length of the time interval-- the result is the magnitude of acceleration during that time interval

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