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You cannot.

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Q: How do you find a interior angle is without drawing a triangle in a shape?
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What is the intereor angle of a triangle?

An interior angle is any angle on the interior of the triangle.

What is a triangle with a 90 degree interior angle called?

A triangle with a 90o interior angle is called a 'right' triangle. BTW, any triangle can have only one 90o interior angle

What is the interior of an angle?

interior is the inside of a triangle but is connected to the triangle.

What has large interior angle a triangle or heptagon?

A heptagon. It can have a reflex interior angle, a triangle cannot.

Which has a larger interior angle heptapon or triangle?

Either could have a larger interior angle. If they were regular, then the interior angle of a triangle would be 60 degrees whereas that of a heptagon would be 128.57 degrees. The REGULAR heptagon would have a larger interior angle than a REGULAR triangle.

Exterior angle property of a triangle?

measure of exterior angle of triangle is equal to sum of interior angles. for eg. In triangle ABC, angle C is exterior angle angle A and angle B are interior angles so, C=A+B

What is an exterior angle of a triangle?

It is: 180-interior angle = exterior angle

What is a Exterior angle of a triangle?

It is: 180-interior angle = exterior angle

What is the name of a triangle which has a right interior angle?

a right triangle

What is an exterior angle of a triangle and how does the measure of an exterior angle relate to the interior angles?

Exterior angle+interior angle=180 degrees and 180-exterior angle=interior angle

What is the exterior angle in a scalene triangle?

180-the interior angle.

The sum of three interior angle of a triangle is 180 verify it?

the Sum of the Interior of a triangle is 180