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a as a percentage of b = 100a/b

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Q: How do you find a percent if the whole number is know?
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When you already have a percent of the whole number how do you find out what that whole number is?

When expressing a math problem in words, the word "of" almost always means "multiply". Say that you know that 1199.91 is [equals] 23 percent of a number. The right side of the obvious equation is .23(a number), or .23x. 1199.91 equals .23x and all you have to do is divide both sides by .23 to find your answer. 1199.91/.23 is equal to 5217. If you have the part and the percent but you need to find the whole then this is the equation....for example 11 is 80% of_____? to figure it out you use this part over whole =percent over 100.... P =part, w=whole, and percent=x it looks like p x _ = _ w 100 The anser to my example one is W=13.75

How do you know if a number is a whole number?

it is whole

How do you find 65 percent of a number?

You're supposed to know by now that 65% means 0.65 . Just multiply that by your number.

How do you write 2.85 as a percent?

to write it as a percent, you need to know the whole. So 2.85 out of what?

How do you write 180 as a percent?

You cannot write it as a percent until you know what part it is of a whole. However, if we assume that 180 is the only number, then it is 100% of 180. Therefore, we write 180 as 100%

How do you know a whole number in a fraction is a whole number?

its on the left side of the period.

How do you know a whole number is divisible by nineteen?

Divide the number by nineteen. If the answer is a whole number, then the number is divisible.

How do you get the percent?

To get the percent of a number you must multiply the percent you are finding by the number you are finding the percent of. For example: We must find 30% of 12, 450. You must multiply 30% to 12, 450. 12, 450 * 30% (or 0.30) = 3735 It's easy if you know what I mean.

What is a sentence with a whole number?

I do know

How do you find 15 percent of a number?

We know that 70 percent is 70/100 or .7, and we know that 15 percent is 15/100 or .15. Now we know that to find 15 % of 70 %, we multiply .7 times .15 and we get .105 for an answer.

What is a whole number in maths?

A whole number is an integer that has no decimals or fractions attached to it.

How do you find a number when 4 percent of it plus the percentage is known?

Multiply by 25 If the % is 4% and you know the number 4% is. We know 4 goes into 100 25 times. 100 divided by 4 = 25