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you could count the sides or acute, obtuse, or right angles.

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Q: How do you find an odd shape out of four shapes?
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What the Square meter of an odd shape?

Break up the odd shape into even shapes and add the areas.

How do you calculate area of odd shape?

You find others shapes within that shape and find there areas. Then add them together.You can also use coordinate geometry.

What shapes cannot have parrellel sides?

Any odd-sided shape.

How do you figure the area of an odd shaped area?

To find the area, first divide the shape into regular, simple shapes. Then use formulas to find the area of the smaller, regular shapes. Lastly, add up all the smaller areas to find the area of the original shape.

How do you find the area of an odd shape?

There are many ways to find the area of an odd shape. Usually, you have to break the shape down into shapes that you can calculate the area of, and then add the areas of all of those individual shapes to get the area of the entire odd shape.Example:_____|_____\There is no way to find the area of this figure, so you have to break it down into two, easy to find shapes.____|___|\You can see that there is a rectangle and a triangle. You can easily find the area of a rectangle with L X W, and a triangle with 1/2(b)(h). Since it is impossible to find the area of that irregular quadrilateral in one equation, you have to split it into two known shapes (the rectangle and triangle), find the area of each, and then add the areas together to get the area of the entire piece.

How do you find the perimeter of an odd shape?

All you do is add up all the sides to find the perimeter even though it is a odd shape

2 shapes to make a QUADRIlateral with 1 square corner and odd number of sides?

It is not possible. A quadrilateral, by definition has four sides. And the number four, by definition is not an odd number.

How do you find the volume of something that has an odd shape?

babe animals

What shapes are spiders?

they can be circular, triangular, and other odd shapes.

Where can you find answers to odd shape out 3.7 study link?


Why are womens pants sizes odd?

Have you seen the odd shapes they have to fit.

What is the description of a irregular galaxy?

odd shapes

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