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-- Measure the radius of the pipe, in inches.

-- Measure the length of the pipe in inches.

-- The volume of the pipe is

(pi) x (radius)2 x (length) cubic inches

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Q: How do you find cubic inches in pipe?
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How many cubic inches is a pipe 16 inches in diameter?

201.1 cubic inches for every inch long the piece of pipe is.

How man cubic inches in a pipe 1.5 inches by 38 inches?

67.1517 cubic inches.

How many cubic inches in a 1 inch pipe?

37.7 cubic inches in every 1-foot of pipe

If you had a pipe of 2.78 inches in diameter how many inches long would the pipe have to be to hold one gallon of water. I need to to know how the equation would go about in addition to the answer.?

How about this plan: We'll explain how to solve the problem,and then you go ahead and get the answer on your own.The pipe is a cylinder.The volume of the cylinder is: (pi) times (radius of the pipe)2 x (length of the pipe)(Remember that the radius is 1/2 of the diameter.)With that formula, you can find the volume of any length of pipe. You know thediameter in inches, so the volume will be in cubic inches.One gallon is exactly 231 cubic inches. Find what the length of the pipe has to bein order to have a volume of 231 cubic inches.Go to it ! You can do it !

What is the cubic feet of a pipe 12 inches diameter and 30 inches long?

1.96 cubic feet.

What is the volume of 1 meter of 6 inch pipe?

The volume of this pipe is 1,113 cubic inches or 0.644 cubic feet.

How many cubic inches are in a 56 inch by 10 inch by 10 inch pipe?

5,600 cubic inches.

How many gallons of water will a pipe that has a volume of 44.17 cubic inches hold?

A pipe with a volume of 44.17 cubic inches holds up to: 0.1912 US gallons of water.

How many cubic inches 3 inch diameter pipe 8 ft long?

how many cubic inches in a 3 inch diameter pipe 8 ft long

How many cubic feet is a pipe if its 24 inches in diameter and 8 feet long?

The volume of this pipe is: approximately 25.1 cubic feet.

How to Calculate gpm through a 1in pipe at 10fts?

The first thing to do is find the volume of liquid in 10 feet of the pipe.A 1" diameter pipe has an area of 0.785398163397448 square inches.10' = 120"So 10' of 1" pipe holds 94.24777960769376 cubic inches - let's round it to 94.2594.25 per second = 5655 per minuteAn Imperial gallon measures 0.16054365 cubic feet.1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches0.16054365 cubic feet = 277.4194272 cubic inches - let's round that to 27.45655 / 27.4 = 20.3857 - call it 20.4 Imperial gallons per minuteA US gallon measures 0.13368056 cubic feet1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches0.13368056 cubic feet = 231.00000768 cubic inches - let's call that 2315655 / 231 = 24.4805 - call it 24.5 US gallons per minute

How many cubic inches in a 24 inch pipe?

Not enough info to determine an answer. "Cubic inches" is a measurement of Volume with 3 dimensions. A "24 inch Pipe" can mean either a Length of 24 inches or a Diameter of 24 inches. To calculate a Volume of a pipe, you need the Diameter (or Radius) and the Length.

How do you find the cubic inches of a microwave?

how to find the cubic inches of a microwave

What is the volume of water in gallons of 8 inch pipe with the length of 20 feet?

First, you need to find the volumn of the pipe which is L x R2 x Pi; and the units need to be consistent. Let's use inches, since that is the diameter of the pipe. (20 feet x12inches) x 42 x 3.141 = 240inches x 16inches x 3.141 = 12,061.44 cubic inches of volumn in the pipe. There are 231 cubic inches per US gallon - (looked it up on the Internet.) Therefore, divide the cubic inch volumn of the pipe by the number of cubic inches per gallon 12,061.44/231= 52.214 gallons. This is the amount of water the pipe can hold.

How many cubic inches in a 6 inch diameter pipe?

Volume = Cross-sectional area X Length. So Area of a circle = PI times radius². Approximate PI with 3.14, then radius = diameter / 2 = 3 inches. (pipe normally is specified in inside diameter). So Area = (3 in)² x 3.14 = 28.26 in². Now multiply that by length of pipe (in inches) to find volume capacity (in cubic inches) of that section of pipe.

How much water does a 3 inch pipe carry per foot?

To calculate the capacity of a pipe you need to first calculate the area and volume. So assuming your pipe has an inside dimension (ID) of 3 inches, you would use the following equation. πR2 = area πR2xH = volume π=3.1416 Using inches as our unit R (radius) = half the diameter = 1.5 inches H (height or length of pipe) = one foot of pipe = 12 inches Gives you the volume in cubic inches 1728 cubic inches per cubic foot (12x12x12) One cubic foot = 7.48 US gallons (RxR)x3.1416x12 (1.5x1.5)x3.1416x12 = 84.82 cubic inches 84.82/1728=.049 cubic feet .049 cubic feet x 7.48 US gallons per cubic foot = 0.36652 US gallons per foot of 3" ID pipe.

How many cubic inches in a pipe that is 52800 feet long by 24 inches in diameter?

52,800 feet = 633,600 inches Volume = pi*122*633,600 = 286,633,887 cubic inches

How many cubic inches of water are in a 1 inch pipe one foot long?

A 1-foot length of a pipe with an 1-inch internal diameter will hold pi*r2*h cubic inches where r = 0.5, h = 12 So 9.42 cubic inches.

How many gallons of oil in a36x100' pipe?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) x (radius)2 x (length)Radius of the pipe = 18 inchesLength of the pipe = 1,200 inches231 cubic inches = 1 gallonVolume of the pipe = (pi) (18)2 (1200) = 1,221,451 cubic inches = 5,287.67 gallonsThat's the volume of the pipe. I have no way to know how much oil may be in it.

How many cubic inches in pipe 100 inches long with 1 inch radius?

Volume = pi*r2*h = pi*12*100 = 314.159 cubic inches.

What is the volume of water in a 18 inch pipe 30 inches long?

I am assumiong 18 inches inside diameter. Pi x 9 x 9 x 30=2430pi cubic inches or approximately 7634.0763 cubic inches. There are 1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot so 4.4178682 cubic feet.

How much volume in a 8 inch pipe 14 inches tall?

V = 703.7 cubic inches.

How many gallons of water in a 15 inch pipe 12 inches long?

Since 15 inches is not a nominal pipe size it must be assumed that you are measuring the internal diameter of the pipe and the size of the outer wall can be ignored. What you are seeking can be described as the volume of a cylinder. The volume of a cylinder is the value of pi times the radius of the pipe (one-half the diameter or 7.5 inches) squared times the length of the cylinder (12 inches). That calculation will give us a number of cubic inches. A gallon of water takes up 231 cubic inches. Pi times 7.5 squared is 176.72 square inches (this is the area of a circle, a pipe is just a whole lot of circles - 12 inches worth in this case) 176.72 square inches times 12 inches (the length) is 2,120.6475 Cubic inches. 2,120.6475 cubic inches divided by 231 cubic inches (the volume of a gallon of water) is 9.1803 gallons.

How many cubic feet in a pipe 14 inches by 20 feet?

A 14-inch diameter by 20 foot long pipe has a volume of: 21.38 cubic feet.

What is the maximum flow rate of a two inches in diameter of a pipe in cubic meter per hour?

What is the maximum flow rate of a two inches in diameter of a pipe in cubic meter per hour?ImprovecapitalOneround('alternateMsg');