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If I have to find the diameter and radius, then

Step 1: You need to tell me what circumference, C, is.

Step 2: Diameter, d = C/pi

Step 3: Radius, R = d/2.

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Q: How do you find diameter and radius if I have circumference?
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How do you find the diameter and then the circumference if you have the radius?

Diameter = radius * 2 Circumference = pi * diameter.

How can you find the diameter and the radius if the circumference is given?

Diameter = circumference/pi Radius = circumference/2*pi

How do you find the radius of a circle is you have the circumference?

pi X diameter finds the circumference so circumference divided by pi will leave the diameter. half the diameter to find the radius

How to find the radius of a circle with the circumference?

Divide circumference by pi, that gives diameter. Radius is half of diameter

How do you find the circumference if you know the radius?

Okay finding circumference from knowing the radius right? The radius is equal to half the diameter and circumference is equal to pi * diameter. So double the radius and multiply it by 3.14 then you will get the circumference!

How do you find the length of of the radius of a circle?

You can either measure it, or calculate it if you know the diameter (radius = diameter / 2), or the circumference (radius = circumference / (2pi)).

How do you find length and width given the circumference?

If you mean the diameter and radius of a circle given the circumference it is:- diameter = circumference/pi radius = circumference/(2*pi)

How do you find the diameter and circumference of a circle if the radius is 7?

Diameter = Radius*2 = 14 units. Circumference = pi*Diameter = 43.98 units.

How do you find out the circumference from the diameter?

circumference of a circle = pi*diameter or 2*pi*radius

How do you find the radius and diameter when they give you a circumference?

divide the circumference by pi ( 3.146) which will give you the diameter divide that by 2 and you have the radius

What formula do you use to find the radius diameter and circumference of a circle?

Radius is diameter divided by two. Diameter is radius times two or circumference divided by pi. Circumference is diameter times pi. Pi is roughly 3.14

How do you calculate circumference?

to calculate circumference you find a circles radius or diameter. you do diameter times pi or radius times 2 times pi. the you have circumference!