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we can cross multiply the two equivalent equations and then find the fourth proportional

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Q: How do you find fourth proportional?
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How do size temperature and distance affect a star's magnitude or luminousity?

A star's real luminosity is proportional to the the square of its diameter, and more or less proportional to the fourth power of its absolute temperature. The star's apparent luminosity is proportional to its real luminosity. It is also inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

At what speed does heat radiation travel?

Heat transfer rate in radiation is proportional to the fourth power of the temperature difference

What is the influence of blood vessel diameter on peripheral resistance?

Significant because resistance is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the vessel radius.

How do you find a ratio that is not proportional?

u find the common denominator

How can you find if shapes are congurent?

if they are proportional

Where can you find proportional representation?

In the USA, Nebraska and Maine.

Find a formula for Poiseuilles Law given that the rate of flow is proportional to the fourth power of the radius and Use k as the proportionality constant?

Rate of flow varies as R^4 where R is the radius or Rate of flow = (k) x (R^4)

Where in the Constitution can I find proportional representation?

Its not in the Constitution because its not gauranteed.

The luminosity of a star is related to what?

It's related to its surface area (proportional to the square of its diameter, or radius); as well as to the temperature (the total energy emitted is roughly proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature).Ultimately, of course, the luminosity depends on the energy production in the star's interior, which depends, among other things, on the star's core temperature.

What is the fourth dimension according to the modern science?

Density is the fourth dimension and it can also be increasing the mass like other dimensions but we cannot see with our eyes but only if the width is very low and doesnt touch the centre and it's only directly proportional to surface, only if the object is transparent it exists

If you quadruple the input of a function and the resulting output is one-fourth the original output what may be true of the function?

More input results in less output. The function is inversely proportional.

What depth from surface of earth is value of acceleration due to gravity one fourth the value at the earth surface?

The force of gravity is proportional to the masses of the two objects and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. As a result, a gravity of one fourth that on the surface of the Earth would be observable at an altitude equal to the radius of the Earth, i.e. 6400 km. Note: This is up, in the air, not down, into the Earth. This distance is in outer space.In the other direction, the force of gravity gets smaller as one goes deeper into the earth. This is because the mass outside your current radius (as you descend) does not contribute. The mass inside your current radius is proportional to the cube of the radius. Gravity is proportional to this mass divided by the square of the radius. Therefore, gravity decreases linearly with the radius. So the acceleration of gravity is equal to one fourth its value at the earth's surface at one fourth of the earth's radius, or a depth of approximately 4800 km.

What is one fourth of eight?

To find one fourth of eight, you would divide 8 by 4. One fourth of something is one quarter. The answer is 2

How far should a man go from centre of earth such that his weight is one fourth that on earth?

2 km above because force is inversly proportional to disatance square

How is a proportional and non proportional relationship different?

Proportional is when it is proportional.

How do you find the fourth root of 512?


How do you find the value of a variable of a proportional ratio?

Cross multiply then solve for the variable.

Where is the fourth Idol in fossil fighters?

You find the fourth tacky idol in Mt. Lavaflow.

If s is directly proportional to t and s equals 40 when t equals 15 find t when s equals 64?

s is directly proportional to t

If A is proportional to B square and B is proportional to C Square then A is proportional to?

A is proportional to C4.

What is 1 fourth of 284?

The answer is 71. To find one fourth of a number, divide the number by 4, and there you will have it.

How do you find the fourth monkey?

by searching it

In ocurina of time where is the fourth carpenter?

All four carpenters are inside the Gerudo Fortress. The fourth is a bit hard to find but keep looking and you'll find him.

How do you get the fourth crystal in the Legend of Zelda a link to the past?

You must beat the Blind Thief dungeon under the Village of Outcast to find the fourth crystal. When the Blind thief is defeated you will find the fourth maiden who will tell Link of her heritage.

Is 120-xL proportional or not proportional?

It is an expression, not an equation and so cannot be proportional nor non-proportional.