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Q: How do you find half of one third?
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How do you change one third into a half?

One third multiplied by one and a half equals a half.

What is a one half of a third?

One third of half is one sixth1/6

Which is larger one third of one half or one half of one third?

Neither is larger.

Is one sixth one third of a third?

No, one half of one third.

What is a pound and a half but you only need one- third of it?

If you are asking what is one-third of a pound and a half, the answer is one-half pound.

Is one third more the one half?

no, one-third is about .3 and one half is .5 in decimals

What is least to greatest from one third one sixth and one half?

One sixth, one third and one half.

Is you half bigger than one third?

Yes, half is bigger than one third.

Is one third more then a half?

No, one third is less that one half. One third means that it has been divided in three parts. One half, means that it has been divided in two parts.

What is one third in 15?

What is one third for half's in 15

What is two and one third divided by one half?

Two and one third divided by one half = 42/3

What is half of one third-1 over 3?

One fourth is not the answer. 1/4 is half of half. I am looking for half of a third. I think it's one-fourth.