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If you mean the diameter and radius of a circle given the circumference it is:-

diameter = circumference/pi

radius = circumference/(2*pi)

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Q: How do you find length and width given the circumference?
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How do you find circumference of cylinder given length and width?

The width times pi equals the circumference.

How do you find the area if given the circumference of a circle?

Times length times width

How do you find area when length is given?

Find the width, and multiply the length and the width.

How do you find the height of a cuboid when the length and width is only given?

By dividing length times width into its given volume

How do you find the length if the width and area is given?

Area = (length) times (width)Length = (area) divided by (width)Width = (area) divided by (length)

How do you find length if given the width of the area?

Area divided by width equals length

How do you find the length and width and the area is given?

If the area is already given, there should also be either width or length given. Do the area, divided by the length or the width. For example, the area divided by the width equal the length. Hope it helps.

How do you find the length of a rectangle when the width and area are provided?

For a rectangle, area equals length times width. To find the length given the width and area, divide the area by the width.

How do you find the width of a rectangle if the area and length are given?

Divide area by length and that gives you width.

How do you find the length of an rectangle by given the area and width?

Divide the area by the width and it will give you the length.

How do you find the length and width of rectangle when given the perimeter but not the width or length?

by appying 2l+2w

How do you find arc length when circumference and degree is given?

Circumference x (degree/360)