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Volume is like the capacity of an item. Volume is found by multiplying the base by the height by the width of a geometric shape. Volume is expressed as cubic units. The formula is: Base*Width*Height. Of course, the order doesn't matter.

Mass is amount of matter in an object. You find mass by placing an object on one end of a balance scale. You then add gram weights to the other side until the scale is perfectly balanced. The total number of grams of weight on the other side of the balance scale is the mass of the object. Remember, mass IS NOT weight. Weight will change depending on the amount of gravity, mass will not.

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Q: How do you find mass and volume of item?
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How do you work out mass weight of item?

That really depends what information you are given. If you have the item, just weigh it. If you know the item's volume (or have enough information to calculate it), and its density, you can multiply the volume times the density, to get the mass.

How do you find density of a liquid if you have mass?

Find the volume then divide the mass by the volume.

How do find the density of an object?

You have to find out its mass, and its volume. Then you divide its mass by its volume.

How can you find density of mass of 67.5?

Find its volume. Divide the mass by the volume to get the density.

How do you find volume when the density and mass are known?

Density = Mass / Volume Rearranging this gives: Volume = Mass / Density Mass = Density × Volume

How do you find density with mass and volume?

mass = density ( )/cm3 multiplied by volume( )cm3

How do you find the volume of mercury if only the density is known?

Use a mass balance to find the mass then find the volume by V=mass/density.

How do you find the mass of an object if you already have the density and volume?

density = mass/volume mass = density x volume

How do you find the mass of an object when given the volume?

Volume = mass / density

What is density of an item that has mass of 200g and 27.5ml of volume?

Density = 7.27

How would you use the density formula to find the volume or mass of a sample?

You have to know two out of three ... mass, volume, density ... then you can find the missing one. If density is missing . . . Density = (mass)/(volume) If mass is missing . . . Mass = (density) x (volume) If volume is missing . . . Volume = (mass)/(density)

What item decrease when heat is applied density mass or volume?

Volume increased so density decreased