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divide it by 3.

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Q: How do you find one third of a number?
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One third of a number answer?

To find one third of any number, divide the number by 3.Example: 9 ÷ 3 = 3

How do you find a third?

-- Cut the whole thing into three identical pieces. -- Each piece is one third of the whole thing. -- If the whole thing is a number, divide the number by 3 to find one third of it.

How do you figure out a third of a number on a calculator?

one third is one divided by three so press 1 then divide symbol then 3 then multiply sign then the number you wish to find for, then equal

What is one third?

One third of a number is the same as dividing that number by three.

What is the number of one-third?

It is: 1/3 = one third

What is one third of an unknown number doubled?

one third of an unknown number doubled is...

Mo is thinking of a number. Eleven more than one third of the number is -1 find Mo's number?

The number is -36

How do you find the cube root on a caculator?

Do the number ^ (1/3). The number to the one-third power. It's the same as the cube root of the number.

Which number dungeon did alther find tertius fume?

it is one!:)The third universal castle key is ...?

How do you calculate one third?

1 divided by 3.2/63/9.33 Repeating.You can also multiply any number by 0.3 or 1/3 to find one third of that number.

How much is one and one third?

One and one third is the same as saying one whole piece and one third of a piece.The big number is the whole and the part of a number is the fraction. This type of fraction is called a mixed number.

What mixed number is one third of hundred?

Mixed number? One third of one hundred is 33 1/3

What number rhymes with bird?

Third, one-third,

What is one-third as a whole number?

one third times three

One number is 9 times a first number a third number is 100 more than the first number if the sum of the three numbers is 903 find the number?

The answer is 3

One third of a number is less than half of the same number what is the number?

One-third of ANY number is less than half of that number - no matter what number you pick.

Is 33 and one third percent equivalent to one third?

Yes, finding 33 and one third percent of a number is equivalent to finding one third.

What is one thrid as a whole number?

One third is not a whole number.

What is one thired of a number?

one third of a number is the result of dividing such a number by three.

How do you find a third of something?

Divide that number by three.

Brambach baby grand piano where do you find the serial number?

The one I have has the number punched in the wood in the third slot in the harp between the Brambach name.

Is one third a whole number?

No, it is not.

What is 4 and one third as a mixed number?

Four and one-third shown as a mixed number would be 4 1/3.

When one third of a number is add to one fourth of the number the sum is 7 What is the number?


One-third of a number?

if n is a number, n/3 is 1/3 of the number