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You can find other tennis players in your area through a number of venues. Start out by contacting local tennis clubs and recreation centers to see if they have a members list. You can also find information on local tennis leagues through the United States Tennis Association.

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Q: How do you find other tennis players in your area?
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What are tennis grips and where can I find them online?

The tapes and other fabrics that tennis players use to wrap around the hanlde of their tennis racket are reffered to as tennis grips. These grips do help with the injuries to the wrists of the players and can be found at any sports authority or other type of sporting goods store.

What to avoid for tennis players?

Your weakness is something you want to avoid because other tennis players will find that weakness and then try to beat you with that. The sun is something you want to avoid also it can be hard for you to serve if the sun is in your eyes.

How do you find the area of a tennis cort?

same as any other rectangle: length x width.

Where can one find indoor tennis courts?

One can find indoor tennis courts located nearest to their area easily by making an account in Global Tennis Network, then by filling up the location and all other information it will automatically shows the nearest indoor courts available in his or her area.

How can I find professional tennis players from a certain country?

The International Tennis Federation lists a number of players from around the world who are members of the ITF, including men, women, juniors, seniors, and wheelchair players, both current and past. To find players by name and/or nation, refer to the link, below,

How do the players know where to sit when they enter the court in a professional tennis match?

they find the benches

Where could one find more information on ATP tennis scores?

One can visit the ATP official website to find out the scores on the tennis games. There is also information about the players, tournaments, rankings and photos.

Why was tennis removed from the Olympics?

Tennis was removed from the summer Olympics in 1924. The argument was that Tennis does not uphold the Olympic ideals. Having said this, it is also argued that Tennis does not rightly belong in the Olympics because the Tennis players who do qualify for the Olympics find other tournaments and Grand Slams more of a goal and gaining prize money then winning a gold medal in the Olympics. -Thomas Wren

Where is tennis?

You can find tennis anywhere...if you really like to play it. Today you have many ways of finding tennis players so lack of time for tennis is just an excuse. is a state of the art flex tennis league website that provides quick and easy way of finding tennis players using criteria like location, gender and skill level. It connects recreational players and offers leagues with competitive matches from beginner to advanced , superior customer service and easy-to-use website. How does it work? Registering and setting age, gender, availability and skill level is all that has to be done. After that players can join some of the tennis leagues for single players, doubles or mix doubles, or schedule and play friendly matches.

What type of shoes to tennis players wear?

Tennis professionals wear non skid shoes to maintain them from slipping during pratice or during a match, in order to find the best shoes for tennis, you will be more safe in talking to someone who has played tennis or a athletic.

Where can I find the right Slingo game playing with other players?

Lost the online slingo game with other players and can't find it again. Help.

Where can one find videos of international Ping Pong games played by famous Ping Pong players?

One can find videos of international Ping Pong games played by famous Ping Pong players on YouTube. Other places online where one can find such videos are Table Tennis DB, CNN and MiniClip.

Where is table tennis popular in the world?

Mostly in Asia in countries such as China and Korea. It is also popular in Germany and Sweden as both of these countries have produced world class players. Normally, countries that produce top players find that table tennis popularity improves there.

How tall are tennis players?

umm they can be 4.0 - 6.0 feet IMPROVED ANSWER: Tennis players vary in height. Tennis players are usually tall, especially the men. The average height for a women is around 5'9 and for men around 5'11. However the men reach outstanding heights, eg/ Ivo Karlovic from Croatia is 196cm tall the tallest male tennis player. Also, rising star Bernard Tomic of Australia who has a Croatian background (Y) is only 17 and is 194cm tall. If you'd like to find out the height of some tennis players just go on and type in the tennis player you are interested in. Thanks, i hope this is a better answer.

Where can one find a tennis devotee?

There are many places one can find a tennis devotee. Some places one might find a tennis devotee include Yelp, Tennis Channel, and the Men's Tennis Forum.

Where can you find rules about tennis?

There are so many rules to tennis that you definitely won't be able to memorize them all. Plus, people constantly debate about certain rules because they have learned the rule incorrectly. You can find rules about tennis from a wide variety of sources. You can check out the rules online from the International Tennis Federation. Check out their website at You can find out the ins and outs for every rule in tennis. This can be very helpful especially if you play in tennis leagues. Tennis league players can be very competitive and will be concerned that they are following each rule to a tee. You can also consult a local tennis club and/or tennis pro for help on rules. It is great to speak with a live person because they will explain the rules if you don't understand them. Sometimes you think you understand the rule correctly when in fact you don't! Also read "Tennis" magazine. They usually have a section that goes over tennis rules that are commonly debated among tennis players.

who does tennis court resurfacing in the hays,ks area?

You can find the details in this link

Where can one find more information about Nike hats?

One can find more information about Nike hats from the Nike Store. They have a range of hats including a running hat, tennis hat, golf visor and tennis bandanas. Prices vary but the adjustable tennis hat is $26 and the Nike players Florida State hat is $30.

Where could I go to learn how to play tennis?

The easiest way to find out more about tennis lessons in your area would be to check the local sports forums and websites. They will be able to recommend instructors offering tennis lessons at a reasonable price.

The easiest way to find the area and volume of a tennis ball?

A tennis ball is a spherical shape. Surface area of a sphere in square units = 4*pi*radius2 Volume of a sphere in cubic units = 4/3*pi*radius3

Where can you take tennis lessons?

You can go to Tennis coaching class.. Or if you want to know about tennis go to wikipedia. there you can find about Tennis.

where can i find used tennis ball machine in the Houston area/?

I think your best bet is to go on the Houston craigslist page.

How do you find a person you played with on Roblox?

Search the players name then you will find that person in the peoples area.

Where do you find inactive players in travian?

You can search for them on the map, this is convenient because normally you want to find inactive players near you. Players who do not grow in population are often inactive, so you should check regularly to find out who is inactive and who's not.There are also other ways to find inactive players, but I think they're illegal.

How do you find the area of a paintball?

You can find paintball fields by asking players, or looking for places with tourism brochures, as paintball fields often advertise in them.