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If the distance between the lines is constant then they are parallel.

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Q: How do you find out if lines are parallel?
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How do you find parallel lines?

m, and Find .

How do you find the slope of a parallel equation?

Two parallel lines have equal slopes.

How can you determine if two lines are parallel?

There are three ways to find if two lines are parallel. The first one is to see if there is any indication. I there isn't, you should never trust your eyes. Instead, you should find the slope of each line. If they are then the two lines are parallel. Another way to find if two lines are parallel is to see if there are any corresponding angles, Alternate Interior Angles, and Alternate Exterior Angles. If there are and they are congruent, then the two lines are parallel.

Is there a way you can you tell if the corresponding lines are parallel?

If you can find the slope of both lines, then yes you can tell. The slope for parallel lines is the same - so if your slopes are the same, your lines are parallel. If you are measuring (less exact) the lines will be the same distance apart everywhere.

What is the differences between postulate theorems and converse?

postulate theorems tell that the lines are parallel, but the converse if asking you to find if the lines are parallel.

How many rectangles can be ae when 4 parallel lines are pependicula to 3 parallel lines?

By making a sketch you'll find that there are 6 rectangles

When are two lines nonintersecting?

When two lines are parallel, then they do not intersect.

Are parallel lines actually parallel?

If they were not actually parallel then they would not be parallel lines!

How do you find the shortest distance between two parallel lines?

The shortest distance between 2 parallel lines is a perpendicular drawn between 2 parallel lines the diagram shows it clearly 1 parallel line ------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | the vertical line is the shortest distance | | ------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd parallel line

Is it possible to find two lines on a plane which are neither parallel nor intersecting?

No. Lines are infinite, so if they are not parallel, they have to intersect at some point on the plane.

Why does the Parthenon have no parallel lines?

it has parallel lines

Does a rectangle have parallel lines?

no parallel lines